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    At some point, things that were once distinctly alternative cross over into the mainstream. For years, this process has been unfolding in the realm of alternative energy, as sources and techniques that were once on the fringe have become more commonplace. This shift has had profound consequences for the global economy and the environment. And has created millions of new career placement opportunities.

    So what’s in store as alternative energy keeps growing in prominence? Let’s take a look at the inexorable rise of alternative energy and how the Duffy Group helps connect the best workers with businesses in this field.

    The Rise of Alternative Energy

    The benefits of alternative energy are obvious: It is generally cleaner and renewable. Although we have a finite amount of fossil fuels to burn, wind or solar energy is essentially limitless. This alone means that alternative energy’s ascendance is inevitable. Wind farms and solar panels are also vastly less invasive and environmentally disruptive when compared to drilling for oil or digging coal.

    However, there are roadblocks on the way to a world powered largely through alternative energy. It is often less expensive to use traditional energy sources. Recent advances in technologies such as fracking, have allowed us to extract gas and oil in areas where it once would have been cost prohibitive. This in turn has greatly increased global supply while reducing energy costs—making traditional energy sources better priced.

    But these hurdles are short-term. Wind and solar power growth is continuing to outpace projections. Countries like China, Germany and the United States are competing to establish a dominant position in alternative energy. New regulations, such as the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, are also geared toward greater reliance on renewable energy. Under the terms of this plan, America plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions by one-third by 2030, through a mix of greater efficiency in traditional energy sources and more reliance on wind and solar.

    Jobs in Alternative Energy

    Given this shift, it is hardly surprising that job growth in alternative energy is projected to be significant. The number of jobs in the solar industry has doubled in the last five years. In fact, there are now more people employed in solar than on oil rigs or in gas fields. Growth is expected to continue to be robust, as U.S. taxpayers are eligible for a 30 percent tax credit for installing solar panels on their property.

    Industry sources estimate there are nearly eight million people employed in the clean energy industry worldwide. At Duffy Group, alternative energy is one of areas of core expertise. We work with a diverse array of firms in the solar, wind and hydroelectric power spaces to connect the very best workers with our partners.

    The Takeaway

    It is only a matter of time before alternative energy is mainstream. This shift will create enormous opportunity for businesses and workers with the skills to thrive in the renewable energy field. Contact us at the Duffy Group to help with your alternative energy staffing needs.

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