Competitive Intelligence

Executive Recruitment Case Study

Strategic Decision validated through Market Intelligence and Executive Recruitment Research– Does this ring true for your organization?


The Director of Human Resources at a Southern California Hospital worked with Administrators to recruit a highly skilled, Computer Laboratory Specialist. With an increased emphasis on healthcare and technology, the Hospital Administrators were considering reorganizing the department because the talent pool was almost non-existent. These were a few of the issues they were addressing:

  • Market conditions were such that it made it difficult to position the opportunity. They questioned – do people with the right skills exist in the market?
  • How could they address the lack of competitive intelligence about the talent market?
  • Would a departmental reorganization be a reliable alternative to not hiring for the position?

What they were doing:

Traditionally, the hospital used online job boards and LinkedIn to target talent, but the response of qualified applicants proved disappointing. The administration determined without research and competitive intelligence, it would be difficult for the administration to know if the talent with required skills and qualifications were available in the market. The leadership decided it was time to partner with an executive recruiting firm to examine the market.

Transition to Duffy:

The Director of HR entertained engaging a recruiting firm capable of providing competitive intelligence for strategic positioning. He had experience working with other recruiting firms with a similar approach to Duffy Group, Inc., but felt Duffy elevated the service “up a notch.” The enhanced services included:

  • Weekly calibration calls to overcome hurdles and explore areas of opportunities while sharing marketplace competitive intelligence
  • Consultative and solutions-oriented approach
  • Solid stewardship of recruiting dollars

Duffy Group Strategy:

Duffy Group’s project team took a deep dive into the competitive market. The hospital leveraged Duffy’s research expertise to examine the challenges associated with recruiting for a unique and limited skill set. “The transparency of the process and owning the candidate data is what separates Duffy’s process from other recruiting firms. The hiring leaders and I value the competitive data.”


The recruiting strategy showed results within three months – one viable prospect with the specialized skills surfaced; however, the data suggested the role was becoming obsolete as technology advancements were transforming the business of healthcare. Ultimately, after reviewing the competitive data within the Duffy Group report, the decision by leadership was to discontinue further recruitment.

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