Construction Recruiters Must Know the Industry

Duffy Group is leading the way in construction recruitment with innovative strategies to recruit top-tier talent for many of the largest firms out there.  How do we do it?  You could say that we speak your language.

Our team brings experience to the job that many others simply don’t have. You can rely on our construction recruiters to apply their extensive industry, functional, and regional knowledge to your executive search.  We know what questions to ask and what type of candidates are preferred at project jobsites. Furthermore,  our unique Recruitment Research method helps us get to the heart of the matter quickly and cleanly. That’s how our recruiting team cuts costs while maintaining maximum effectiveness on behalf of our construction clients.

These cost-effective methods lay the groundwork for future hires, potentially saving even more money for our clients.  You can be certain that we will use our vast resources to find the experienced candidates that meet your exacting job requirements.

Construction Recruiting, a Key Element of Industry Growth

Construction recruitment has become all the more important for the country’s leading industry in wage and employment growth. The need for construction managers, for instance, is expected to grow quickly.  In 2016, this management job category shows about 99,200 jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that number to grow to more than 133,000 by 2026.

With a strong economy, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the construction industry to be one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S., with a 4.5% projected growth rate over the next five years.  Despite the 2020 drop due to COVID-19,  the construction industry is fueling the 2021 economy with new starts and ongoing projects.

To keep up with this growth and the competition for the best talent, you need a partner with connections. Duffy Group leverages deep contacts in its industry network, blending cold calling techniques with internet outreach to identify career professionals and other management prospects.  This name generation yields a better list from which to draw the best candidates.  Using this approach, we have helped our clients build highly successful organizations.  Check out these construction recruitment case studies.

Step Beyond the Boundaries of Traditional Construction Recruitment

Traditional recruitment can only go so far.  Beyond that, it takes communication, collaboration and a creative approach to really make a difference.

Unlike other construction recruitment agencies, Duffy’s approach allows us to scale the size and scope of our services to the needs of each client. From a construction start-up looking for cross-functional talent to an established organization honing a few key focus areas, our construction recruiters will bring the right people to the functional roles that will best serve your project goals.

Assisting clients that want to compete and grow in a competitive marketplace, we conduct senior level construction executive searches for every type of building-related organization. These include regional and national builders, developers, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, AEC firms, and EPC firms.  We’ve found the right talent for builders who were tackling infrastructure systems, high-rises, hospitals, and industrial plants.

Our industry knowledge helps us to dig deeper, targeting and delivering the right candidates for any position, no matter the obstacles.

This is the power of recruitment research for our construction clients.

Construction Recruiters with a World View

Duffy Group conducts executive searches nationally and internationally in major metropolitan market.  Construction companies can rely on us to find engineering talent, construction management, and other vital employees.  We can find hiring solutions for remote small town locations that often experience problems attracting the talent they need for their project.

Our construction clients come to us with a wide variety of positions to fill. We handle midlevel management placements, recruiting for such positions as construction project manager and project engineer.  Just as often, these may be highly specialized construction jobs such as a CAD/BIM Drafter or Network Engineer.   Helping fill the top jobs with the best job candidates, our construction executive search methods are called upon to find CEOs and CFOs as well as Directors of Business Development, Human Resources Directors, and  Accounting Professionals.

Our Services Go Above and Beyond Typical Recruiters!

Any data or insights we gather along the way are conveyed to your management and put in a report. That’s one of the assets of our recruitment approach.  With recruitment research methodology, we are able to provide more than a list of potential hires. We give you insights into the hiring process and may be able to supply you with a talent pipeline for future construction hires.

Our recruitment services are restricted to business clients. Therefore, we have no conflict of interest when we are recruiting for your construction project.

Whether your hiring needs are local, regional or even global, we will find the staffing solutions that will get your project in gear.

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