The construction industry is booming, and Duffy Group is leading the way in construction executive search with innovative strategies to recruit top-tier talent for many of the largest firms in the industry.  With a strong economy, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the construction industry to be one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S., with a 4.5% projected growth rate over the next five years. Construction staffing becomes all the more important for the country’s leading industry in wage and employment growth.

Construction Recruiting, a Key Element of Industry Growth

With the industry on the rise, the growth creates a shortage of skilled labor for construction positions, given how many jobs the industry lost due to the recession. Now, with increased work, the construction industry will have a higher employment rate than the overall economy.

Can Construction Executive Search Firms Make a Difference?

With an eye toward quickly implementing a strategic multi-faceted approach to construction executive search, Duffy Group leverages deep contacts in its industry network, blending cold calling techniques with internet outreach to identify prospects. Duffy’s long-time experience tackling the construction industry’s unique challenges, coupled with its recruiting expertise, enables us to help our clients build highly successful organizations that include construction companies, project managers, subcontractors, real estate developers, architects, engineers, and owners/corporate end-users.

Does Duffy Group Specialize in the World of Construction Industry Recruiters?

We specialize in conducting senior level construction executive searches for every type of building related organization, including regional and national builders, developers, contractors and subcontractors, architects, engineers, AEC firms, EPC firms, owners, engineers and builders of infrastructure systems, high-rises, hospitals, and industrial plants. Duffy Group conducts executive searches nationally and internationally in every major metropolitan market as well as remote small town locations which are experiencing problems attracting the talent they need to compete and grow in a competitive marketplace.

Will Working with Construction Executive Recruiters Help You?

Duffy Group provides clients with an experienced construction executive search team that has extensive industry, functional and regional knowledge. Unlike other construction recruitment agencies, Duffy’s approach enables us to scale the size and scope of our construction recruiter search efforts to the needs of each client. From a start-up looking for cross-functional talent to an established organization honing a few key focus areas, we bring the right people to the functional roles that will best serve our clients’ goals.

According to Construction Labor Contractors, professionals predict the construction industry will have one of the largest increases in real output, reaching almost $1.2 trillion by 2020.The renewable energy sector will also be booming over the next few years. The government plans to make renewable energy 20% of the country’s total energy mix by 2020, and with continued climate change issues, federal and state governments are pushing for renewable energy sources. This translates into big business for construction companies.

Duffy Group, Your Construction Recruiter

We strive to make a positive impact within the construction business and are able to leverage our industry knowledge to target and deliver the right candidate for any position, no matter the challenges. Our construction executive search recruiters understand your needs, your industry and speak your language – saving you time and money while reducing frustration.  Our direct construction industry experience provides a unique perspective and approach to difficult talent needs and career advancement challenges within the construction industry.