Challenges Facing Healthcare Administration Recruiters

Healthcare organizations currently face several industry-specific challenges in healthcare executive recruiting, with a lack of qualified employees presenting the most pressing issue. As the U.S. population ages, fewer physicians and nurses still practice, putting the negotiating power into the hands of available candidates while putting healthcare organizations in a predicament. Physician executive recruiters thus become necessary partners in maintain the quality of service a healthcare organization prizes.

What Is the Importance of Healthcare Executive Recruiting?

Research indicates that 2020, the US will face a shortage of 90,000 physicians, and this shortfall grows to 130,000 by 2025. Meanwhile, the private sector, including pharma, biotech and medical device research and manufacture, actively recruit physicians, giving them a choice of more professional paths outside of primary patient care. Simultaneously, the demand for healthcare services will grow rapidly over the next ten years, driven by an aging baby boomer population and increased access to healthcare for all Americans through the Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, the supply of healthcare providers will simultaneously decrease. Without effective executive health search systems, we can expect shortages of qualified physicians and nurses over the next ten years.

How Does Duffy Stand Apart from Other Healthcare Management Recruitment Agencies?

Healthcare executive recruiting firms face unique challenges because many healthcare systems or providers block professional healthcare executive search firms.  Fortunately, this situation has no effect on Duffy Group, due to its stellar reputation and well-earned legacy as one of the leading healthcare management recruitment agencies, such industry “firewalls” don’t impede Duffy Group.  Our team of trusted advisors brings unequaled access to leading professionals across the healthcare spectrum. The quality of Duffy’s healthcare recruiters executive search consultants and the extensive contact they enjoy with relevant professionals, from directors to C-suite executives, covering the clinical and the administrative, means we locate and recruit the finest talent because of our access, experience and knowledge. When you work with a great healthcare headhunter, you can be sure your organization always works with superb professionals.

What Can Physician Executive Recruiters Do for You?

Our highly trained executive healthcare recruiters have real-world industry experience and insight, making Duffy Group the go to resource for conducting executive searches to enhance the staffing infrastructure in both private and public organizations. Of all healthcare management recruitment agencies, you can rely on Duffy Group for the highest quality service and results. We connect with your organization’s vision, structure and leadership needs. We rely on our proven search methodology and the knowledge and collaboration of healthcare insiders nationwide.

We recruit CEOs, CFOs, COOs, physician executives, and many other leaders who inspire passion, champion quality and guide their organizations through challenging times. This is the primary mission with any healthcare administration recruiters, and the Duffy Group takes its mission seriously. With more than 25 years of executive health search experience, we are well positioned to identify proven and accomplished leaders who will guide organizations through change and provide stability while achieving patient care excellence and bottom line objectives.

As one of the top firms among all healthcare recruiting agencies, Duffy Group will provide all you need from a healthcare recruiter.