• Navigating Healthcare Recruitment Post-Pandemic

    Healthcare Recruitment Post Pandemic

    When it comes to healthcare systems and hospitals, healthcare recruiting firms are more important than ever before. Although many states have reopened, the pandemic continues to have a lasting influence on many healthcare organizations.

    The Staffing Challenges Facing Hospitals and Healthcare Recruiting Firms

    Even before the pandemic, healthcare organizations were facing workforce shortages. Now, in some states, there are less than 10 nurses per 1,000 people. With this extreme workforce shortage, hospital leaders are concerned about how they will provide quality care to patients if there is another crisis.

    In addition to candidate shortages, the post-pandemic hiring demand has become more dynamic and complex. After experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand last year, 82% of organizations have started cross-training employees to fill possible staffing gaps. Also, 71% of organizations plan to use contingent staff when needed.

    Hiring medical experts who are willing to step into different roles is no easy task. To find compelling candidates who can and will wear a variety of hats, healthcare recruitment firms need to get very strategic.

    The Benefits of the Recruitment Research Method for Finding Candidates

    This is where Duffy Group’s Recruitment Research process comes into play. To recruit individuals with the skills, personality, and experience to excel, especially during stressful times, our experts take on the roles of both salesperson and detective. We’ve employed this methodology for a long list of healthcare-related organizations.

    We investigate the ins and outs of an organization and get to know it just like we would our own. We become experts at each client’s business to uncover the specific needs of the position we want to fill. This deep dive allows us to identify the traits of the ideal candidate for our clients – before we begin searching for them.

    In healthcare, candidates have many choices for employment. Instead of making a “hard sell” to candidates, our team approaches the recruitment process by thinking about how they can help people connect with the careers of their choice.

    To do this, our experts focus on telling the client’s story. Our goal is to frame an opportunity in a way that will get candidates, especially passive candidates, excited to learn more.

    Additionally, instead of job descriptions, our healthcare executive recruiters and medical staff recruiters create a strategic resource for candidates. Like a roadmap, each job description clearly spells out what success looks like in each specific position and the organization as a whole.

    Putting all of this into practice, our team recently recruited a Chief Medical Officer for Valley Health Plan. Following the Recruitment Research process, Duffy Group Practice Leaders explored the attributes of the best candidate to partner with Valley Health’s executive team. They conducted detailed intake sessions to assess the culture, personality, projects and strategic plan, resulting in a clear profile of the ideal candidate for Chief Medical Officer.

    Our team submitted their first candidate within seven days. Over the course of the search, four qualified candidates were submitted and two were chosen for client interviews. In less than two months an excellent candidate was hired, fitting the unique and specific criteria of this essential role.

    Learn More About Duffy Group Healthcare Recruiters

    If you are looking for healthcare executive search firms, Duffy Group is the answer. Even in this unprecedented time, our Recruitment Research approach will supply appropriate candidates, while also reducing the cost of effective recruitment for your key positions. Call or contact us online for more information about how we can help your healthcare business succeed.

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