A smarter way to find the best candidates.

From the moment you engage Duffy Group, you begin maximizing your recruitment resources. As a virtual extension of your human resource team, our experienced professionals focus on delivering value in every aspect of the process. We are highly disciplined stewards of your recruitment dollars, consistently delivering optimal candidates while ensuring the best value for your recruitment expenditures.

The Practice Leader spent the time getting to know our business and culture. As a result, we didn’t get ‘just candidates’, we got ‘great candidates’ for our company. The candidates matched our job specification and qualifications – exactly what we asked for.  more
I must confess I was a bit more than curious about your model since it is different from the traditional recruiters I have relationships with. In the end I found your process to be organized and effective. And of course I can’t complain about the cost, which came in at about half of what I initially expected!  more
Duffy Group’s business model is collaborative. I prefer to work together with a recruiting partner; I am able to hire them for their expertise and compensate them on time and activity. This is a real plus from a financial perspective.  more
The thing that I particularly like about working with the Duffy Group is they took the time to develop a very thorough and strong understanding of the ASML culture and what it takes to make it here, which is a very unique environment.  more
The Duffy Group’s counsel was instrumental in guiding us to our hiring decision. We filled the position, and the candidate is doing quite well.   more
Our search required some onsite service each week, and the Duffy Group recruiter was able to come in and hit the ground running...she was able to fill approximately a third of the open positions. Excellent performance!   more
Traci Blackstone
Director of Human Resources,
The Americas
Axway, Inc.
Fernando Solano
Director of Human Resources
Tessenderlo Kerley
Darrell Eckstein President and CEO Pebble Tec
Cindy Wood, ASML Phoenix, Arizona
Mary Delay University of Texas at San Antonio
Tere LeBarron, UPH Tucson, Arizona

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