Duffy Group, Inc. has been a true pleasure to work with. They aren’t just another contractor, rather, they are a partner helping you to accomplish your company’s goals. They are responsive to a company’s ever changing needs and direction. The information is easily interpreted and provides useful data from which to make decisions.
Health Services Advisory Group, Inc. will definitely partner with them again.

Jennifer Goodman, JD, PHR, SHRM-CP | Chief Human Resources Officer | Health Services Advisory Group, Inc.

We spent time upfront with Duffy’s Practice Leader to discuss the job description, role, organization, and what the person needed to accomplish strategically. The quality of candidates presented assured us Duffy understood the profile of the right candidate.

Duffy Group’s research team knows how to find the people that we want to recruit. Their research expertise provides a comprehensive approach to the marketplace. We were presented a slate of candidates and together narrowed it down to a group of finalists. We were active in the process; controlling not only the activities of the search but also the cost.

Upon the completion of our searches, the Duffy Practice Leader sends over the cost analysis of the project. We have been floored by the savings!

Matt McElrath, EdD | Chief Human Resources Officer | Keck Medical Center of USC

I was referred to Duffy Group by a couple key leaders in my organization. This was my first experience working with their business model and what surprised me was their speed orientation. They found highly qualified candidates quickly!

They follow a strong recruiting process and developed a talent bench that I could draw on for future recruiting; I wish I had known about this model sooner. It took nine months to fill five positions; the fee was 20-25% of the compensation per position.

David Smith | General Manager | Pentair Ltd

Duffy Group’s model is truly collaborative. The Practice Leader spent the time getting to know our business and culture and as a result, we didn’t get ‘just candidates’, we got ‘great candidates’ for our company. The candidates matched our job specification and qualifications – exactly what we asked for.

When working with other recruiting firms, blind resumes are sent and no pipeline of talent developed. The candidate data base and market intelligence the Practice Leaders shared was of great value. Not only did we get an overview of the pool of candidates, it ensured we were making decisions having the perspective of the marketplace at our finger tips.

Traci Blackstone | Director of Human Resources, The Americas | Axway, Inc.

Duffy’s process is unique from other recruiters in that they will go out and mine companies for us. They do a thorough intake upfront, asking the right questions about target companies and critical requirements for the position.

The quality of the candidate is spot-on. I love the executive summaries that accompany the resumes; it is evident the candidate has been thoroughly vetted out.

Duffy’s pricing model is unique in that you pay upfront but it is far more cost effective than traditional recruiting firms who charge a percentage of the candidate’s total compensation. For high-level roles, I am confident I’m making a good investment with my recruiting dollars by partnering with Duffy Group.

Vicki Brouillette | HR Manager, Energy Infrastructure | FMC Technologies

I’m very impressed with how you have attacked a brand new industry! I think you’d probably say that the tricks of the trade apply wherever you are looking. We REALLY appreciate you and we consider you a huge asset. We’ll want to work with you wherever we go…

Confidential testimonial from the Private Equity industry

Historically we have been able to find candidates on our own; working with Duffy Group was our first experience with a recruiting partner. We could not have found the quality of candidates without their assistance. What I found unique is how much work they do to find candidates. They research the industry and cold call candidates; they don’t pull from a network of people looking to make a job change.

David J. Barazoto, CTS, DMC-D | Sr. Vice President | Technology Providers Inc.

I originally worked with Duffy Group when I was a candidate on a search where they were engaged. In my current role, I partnered with Duffy because of my candidate experience with the Practice Leader. They have worked on two projects for me; interested, qualified candidates were presented and hires were made on both projects!

Duffy’s business model was not unique to me; I had worked with another research firm in 2001. That experience made me a believer in having an outside sourcing partner with a foundation in Recruitment Research, specifically for high-volume recruiting and hard-to-fill positions. The most compelling part of the process for me is the volume of candidates generated. The candidates presented match up to the job specification and qualifications. If they didn’t, we would calibrate, Duffy would adjust and I was presented with additional candidates. I like the cadence of working with Duffy as a partner. The pricing model is a ‘no-brainer.’ When you compare the fees we have paid using Duffy versus a traditional 20-25% agency model—the numbers speak for themselves.

Melissa Thompson | Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition | Citrix

We had a great experience working with Duffy Group. Their pricing model is refreshing. It is not based on a percentage of the candidate’s compensation. I wasn’t overcharged and never felt like I was taken advantage of. Weekly updates spelled out the activity so there were no surprises.

Duffy Group brought value to our recruiting efforts through their ability to reach candidates with desired skillsets, candidates we couldn’t reach.

Jenna Barnes | Director of Human Resources | Finzer Roller