Recruitment Case Study

University Primary Care Outpatient Provider

The health services practice at a prominent Midwest research university had scheduled the culmination of a major project—the opening of a new outpatient medical clinic—for early 2013. The obstacle they faced was filling 20 key clinical and administrative positions in a very short timeframe—and with a limited budget. With no available internal resources, they turned to Duffy Group to lead a search and to partner with line leaders to identify qualified and interested candidates for these specialized positions. Along the way, each step in the process can be utilized as a sole solution to HR and competitive analysis or as a holistic approach to workforce planning and recruitment.

Duffy Group Strategy

Utilizing recruiting research, cold-calling and various internet methods, coupled with the recruiting expertise of the Duffy Group project team, Duffy Group screened resumes of some 430 prospects and conducted 130 pre-screening interviews. The candidate pool was further narrowed after 38 in-person interviews were conducted by the client. Duffy Group also coordinated the administration of candidates’ skills assessments and conducted due diligence research on behalf of the client. Throughout the process, the Duffy team consulted daily with hiring leaders regarding progress, concerns and deliverables. Offers were extended to 19 candidates identified in the course of the search.


Eighteen of the 19 offers were accepted—all of them by candidates sourced through Duffy Group. These results were achieved in less than 30 days while using this consultative approach. The university health services practice was able to open their clinic on time, helping them to reach their goal of being among the top healthcare providers in the nation. The timely opening of the clinic also ensured that they could capitalize on revenue that would have otherwise been lost – $40K for each day the clinic’s opening was delayed.

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We spent time upfront with Duffy’s Practice Leader to discuss the job description, role, organization, and what the person needed to accomplish strategically. The quality of candidates presented assured us Duffy understood the profile of the right candidate.

Duffy Group’s research team knows how to find the people that we want to recruit. Their research expertise provides a comprehensive approach to the marketplace. We were presented a slate of candidates and together narrowed it down to a group of finalists. We were active in the process; controlling not only the activities of the search but also the cost.

Upon the completion of our searches, the Duffy Practice Leader sends over the cost analysis of the project. We have been floored by the savings!

Chief Human Resources Officer