Our Recruiting Expertise

Alternative / Renewable Energy

Our Alternative and Renewable Energy Practice is flourishing. With diverse clients in this highly specialized field, from start-ups and mid-sized solar integrators to major manufacturers of energy-related support services, Duffy Group’s practice leaders have strong relationships and know where to find qualified, passionate alternative energy professionals to fulfill human capital needs around the country.

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Recruiting for healthcare brings unique challenges because many healthcare systems/providers block professional recruiters. But that’s not the case for Duffy Group. Thanks to its reputation, discretion and legacy, recruiting “firewalls” don’t impact Duffy Group. We bring unparalleled access to leading professionals across the healthcare spectrum. From directors to C-suite executives, from clinical to administrative, we have the access, experience and knowledge to locate and recruit the finest talent.

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Accounting and Finance

Recruiting for the financial sector was how Duffy Group got its start. That was in 1991. And we haven’t slowed down since. With hundreds of professionals sourced for firms ranging from Fortune 100s to legacy venture capital firms, our Financial Services Practice is one of the best in the business.

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Higher Education

Ever tightening budgets. Relentless scrutiny. Talent poaching. At state schools, private colleges and for-profit institutions, higher education professionals are stressed by these issues and stretched too thin without adding on the challenge of recruiting top talent. Since 2001, Duffy Group has nurtured relationships in this specialized niche and has become a go-to resource for educational institutions around the country searching for premier faculty and administrative staff.

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Human Resources

Many Duffy Group team members launched their careers in Human Resources. As such, you could say sourcing HR talent is our “sweet spot.” As recruiters, we take great pride in keeping up with trends and developments in the HR arena. Drawing on real-world experience and continuing education (seminars, conferences, etc.), our team knows what it takes to attract, recruit and deliver strong candidates, strategically, quickly and with great sensitivity.

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Our experience working closely with non-profit organizations has enabled us to understand the challenges of recruiting within this unique environment where different stakeholders (e.g., board members and legacy founders) may have a say in the hiring process. Duffy Group’s cost-efficient model is of particular value in the non-profit arena where budgets are usually tight, and where focus needs to be on the organization’s mission not recruiting, and volunteers may be involved. For non-profit clients, we often serve as the Search Facilitator within the search committee, which is often comprised of individuals new to talent searches.

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Government and Public Sector

Without the right framework, it’s often challenging to find top talent for government and public sector jobs. Fortunately the Duffy Group process — recruitment research — is made for challenges. Our practice leader has the background and expertise to ensure a fair, inclusive, and successful search. We dive deep to find the best candidates for important positions on the municipal, county, and state level.

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Technology is ever-changing. Duffy Group’s technical recruiters are seasoned professionals at finding, targeting, and recruiting highly skilled IT candidates for our clients. They specialize in reaching IT candidates within a variety of industries such as construction, cybersecurity, energy, healthcare, and higher education.

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When you need to access talent around the globe, don’t let borders get in the way of finding exceptional candidates. For over 15 years, Duffy Group has been sourcing candidates in Europe, Asia, and South America. Duffy Group is able to provide support for clients’ international projects even if candidates do not speak English. By teaming with our international executive search partners, we can draw on an unparalleled breadth of expertise and specialized knowledge of a specific country and culture to satisfy our clients with a slate of qualified candidates.

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Venture Capital and Private Equity

Duffy Group serves the unique needs of the private equity (PE) industry, assisting with a diverse offering of recruiting strategies. The practice typically focuses on C-level and executive level positions in portfolio companies. Duffy Group has completed portfolio company assignments across a range of industries of various size and scope.

Duffy Group works closely with colleagues who have specific functional experience in industries including software, internet, healthcare, energy, industrial, retail, financial services, and telecommunications, among others. This close coordination with industry specialists and functional experts ensures a successful and more rapid search process.

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