We Can Professionalize Your Finance Recruiting Process

Forward-thinking companies recognize that their progress depends on their ability to hire the right people, the best and the brightest in financial services. By getting all the key financial positions staffed with people that possess the exceptional skills, knowledge and attitudes that these positions require, your company will find itself able to meet all the challenges that this fast-paced environment demands. That’s why companies in the know turn to high quality Duffy finance recruiters to help them maximize their valuable work force.

Since its inception in 1991, Duffy Group has maintained its focus on financial services recruiting and now enjoys a position as a leading finance recruiter for many of the largest and most prominent Fortune 500 companies in the private sector. Duffy seeks and locates Chief Executive Officers who can drive profitability with a focus on strategy, Chief Compliance Officers who are informed and fluent in evolving regulations, Chief Financial Officers who can manage and enhance a company’s financial standing, and Chief Information Officers able to maximize the promise of technology developments without compromising customer data security. A standout among CFO recruiting firms, Duffy’s expertise extends to many other top positions and key specialists.

Our Executive Search Methods Deliver Real Talent

Flexible and dynamic in our approach, Duffy Group can partner with your HR professionals to find the best fit for your company, allowing your team to focus on business and the road ahead.  We regularly assist clients in filling finance jobs across the U.S. and around the world with the finest professionals in the industry.  We will assist you in finding talent that can  facilitate a company’s growth, streamline its productivity, harness cutting-edge digital technologies, and manage risk, even in the face of increasing investor and regulatory scrutiny.

We at Duffy Group dedicate ourselves to providing collaborative, consultative service. That’s why we have redefined and continue to redefine the executive recruiting experience.  Where others would adhere to a strict one-approach-fits-all formula, we are using recruitment research to truly understand company culture and its executive requirements.  While others might go through the same motions to fill a key finance position, experience has taught us to utilize market data and analytics and provide consistent and open communication. These are valuable resources that allow us to find and attract hidden talent that others might miss. Our proven strategies will produce meaningful results for your executive search. If you are the manager in charge of the search, you’ll appreciate how our approach can save you both time and money.


Finance Recruiters Should Understand the Industry

An extensive business background is necessary for recruiters to be successful in any executive search, especially those involving accounting and top finance jobs.  That’s why Kathleen Duffy, our Founder, has carefully assembled a finance recruiting team with the experience to understand the nuances of the financial markets and the significance of global trends. Together our recruiters have profound knowledge of the finance industry as well as the ins and outs of a talent search in this special sector.

As such, the Duffy team is well-positioned to find top talent with the right industry experience for the executive jobs you need to fill.  When we produce a list gathered from our search, these qualified candidates will be highly skilled leadership.  Furthermore, our reports will become resources you can use for further searches.

Access is Vital to Finance Recruitment Success

Duffy finance recruiters have acquired their expert knowledge in the world of finance, and they keep abreast of the latest trends.  Further, they have developed access to the world’s leading financial talent by long experience as finance recruiters along with extensive interaction with senior-level executives in many industries. This combination of knowledge and access produces unparalleled success for our clients.

We are more than talent recruiters for hire. We are HR partners who can work closely with you to assess a wide array of candidates for key experience, core competencies and leadership potential. Your future hires will be at the cutting edge of the ever-changing shifts in the financial services landscape.

It's Time to Seize the Competitive Advantage of Recruitment Research

Your company needs an advantage, something to help you find the best talent worldwide and make better hiring decisions for crucial positions. That advantage is recruitment research methods in the hands of Duffy recruiters. With it, you ensure that your leadership teams are the best in the world and you then gain a significant competitive advantage. This is what Duffy does for you as one of the best U.S. recruitment agencies with extensive finance industry contacts across the country.

Our personalized and entrepreneurial approach translates into a great number of long-term client relationships – a natural result of our consistently cost-effective and result-oriented procedure, by which we overcome any and all challenges. Our methods, experience, resources, and knowledge ensure that each search will deliver top talent, a hire who can meet our client’s expectations from day one.

Finance recruiting is more successful when handled by our recruitment research methods.


Who is Your Best Bet for Finance Recruitment Today?

Duffy Group offers a fresh alternative to the headhunters of the past. Our Recruitment Research Model truly does uncover the most qualified candidates, tailored to your organization’s unique needs and culture.  You can rely on Duffy Group, foremost among finance recruiters, to deliver on our promises.

Contact our team to discuss how our recruitment research method can achieve your staffing goals. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how successful and cost-effective our approach really is.

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