Construction Recruitment Case Studies

Southwest Construction Subcontractor Builds Relationship with Recruiting Partner


The Southwest’s largest concrete company, was in need of assistance in growing their management team in multiple locations. The company needed a construction recruiting partner who could learn their culture and background and duplicate it to each location where they were expanding the management team.

What they were doing:

The Executive team was using a variety of construction recruiting sources, as well as taxing their internal HR team which was stretched thin with the extensive expansion in five states. The company understood they needed outside help with recruiting and considered utilizing traditional contingency search firms, which typically would mean:

  1. a fee of up to 33% of the candidate’s total compensation
  2. a search consultant having control of the process and not truly understand their culture

Transition to Duffy:

As the Executive team evaluated the two models, they realized that the Duffy Recruitment Research model allowed them to maximize their control of the search strategy, flexibility in the process to take into account real-time changes, and the ability to collaborate on every step of the process. Subsequently, the search committee chose Duffy Group’s non-traditional, transparent and unique business model. The committee was 100% invested in the process and having some control gave them a high level of trust and confidence in the process and their ability to collaborate and form a strong partnership with Duffy Group.

Duffy Group Strategy:

Duffy Group strategized with the company’s internal team and facilitated productive in-take sessions along with their go forward strategy. The executives and the hiring managers were clear on the qualifications of the ideal candidate for each of the top priority positions and all were included in the construction recruitment decision-making process.

With an eye toward quickly implementing an innovative multi-facetted approach to recruiting, Duffy leveraged their construction industry network, blending cold calling techniques, with internet outreach to identify prospects. Duffy’s recruiting expertise is skilled at attracting “passive job seekers”– those individuals difficult to attract using traditional construction recruitment efforts.


Duffy Group, Inc. contacted over 75 prospects and presented the Hiring Manager and President with the top three qualified candidates. The team interviewed two candidates, and one surfaced as the best fit. The market intelligence highlighted in the recruiting report quickly helped them understand the competitive nature of the market place, in particular within the specialty subcontractor market within construction. The Executive team realized they needed to increase their salary budget in order to attract the right talent. This information helped them successfully offer the top candidate the position of Estimator in Phoenix.

Our Practice | Learn More | Contact Us | Melissa Barker, Practice Leader

We appreciate the collaborative approach Duffy Group takes in working with us as a client. We feel the hands-on, customized approach to each of the positions Duffy Group has recruited for helps us manage the process together. We feel like the Practice Leader is part of our outsourced HR team with her understanding of our company and culture. We feel she has our best interest in mind and I have not always felt that with other recruiting options we have tried. I feel this is a much more effective and efficient way of recruiting just who we need to grow our business.

Operations Manager