Business Consulting

Recruitment Case Study

Has your organization been at risk of losing revenue because you don’t have the right talent?

An employee-owned, regional management consulting firm was experiencing significant growth and an imminent need to develop a talent management plan to meet the needs of their growing client base. The firm was at risk of losing revenue and affecting customer satisfaction, but the competitive industry caused finding talent a challenge.

What they were doing

The firm posted open positions online and sorted through large numbers of unqualified applicants. Job Boards lacked a targeted approach and did little to communicate the opportunities in depth with qualified candidates. A new approach was required.

  • The scope of the project demanded a flexible recruiting model; one that could form a pipeline of qualified candidates for permanent employment to meet the project needs of a diverse client base.
  • Given the client’s demand for talent, competition among traditional management consulting firms would prove challenging without a talent strategy and partnership.

Transition to Duffy

Duffy Group’s recruiting model resonated for several reasons:

  • Cost. A typical recruiting firm charges a percentage of the candidate’s first-year salary. “Needing to hire ten people, placement fees would have been too expensive.”
  • Partnership. No need to hire an internal recruiter. “Right now we are building our candidate pipeline and if we see our needs change we can expand or contract the recruiter’s schedule.”
  • Customized process. “The Practice Leader adjusted his process quickly and easily to meet our needs. I am paying for only the work I need.”


Duffy Group partnered with the client to quickly implement an innovative (multi-facetted) approach that leveraged several recruiting tools such as researching regional targets and cold calling techniques. Duffy’s recruiting expertise lent itself to attracting the “passive candidate”– those individuals difficult to draw using traditional recruiting efforts. Duffy’s executive recruiters generated enthusiasm for the positions through direct communications with qualified candidates.


Duffy Group quickly identified and personally interviewed individuals with the desired expertise. The on-going partnership saw seven hires in management consulting positions in the first six months. In total, there have been 19 successful hires. As a result, a pipeline of candidates has been identified as ongoing talent needs arise in the next year.

“The Practice Leader has become an arm of our organization; he goes the extra mile and is more invested in our business than other recruiters we have worked with.”

Corporate Services Manager