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The American nonprofit sector is growing at lightning speed, employing over 10.3% of today’s workforce as it continues to change and develop. With such rapid growth, the modern nonprofit organization must place increased focus on the future and the changes that will continue if it wants to keep up with its competition, and — most crucially, acquire the best talent.

The Nonprofit Organizational Vision

To paraphrase the parable, where there is no vision, the business perishes. Visionary leaders keep the mission at the forefront and are the lifeblood of the nonprofit organization. However, nonprofit executives are faced with unique hurdles that they must overcome if they are to tackle today’s challenges that may arise when recruiting for the nonprofit sector.

How Can Duffy Group Strengthen Your Organization’s Vision?

Duffy Group has worked with nonprofits for many years: the experience of working closely with non-profit organizations has enabled us to understand the challenges of not for profit executive search within this unique environment. We know that in a nonprofit setting, differing from for-profit ventures, different stakeholders, including board members, large donors, and legacy founders are directly involved in the hiring process. Duffy Group’s cost-efficient model offers particular value in the non-profit arena where budgets are tight, and where focus must be on the organization’s mission, rather than on recruiting, and the process may involve volunteers. Where appropriate, our non profit recruiters often serve as the Search Facilitator within the search committee, which is often comprised of individuals new to talent searches.

Can Duffy Provide Effective Executive Search for Your Non Profit?

Emerging as a leading nonprofit recruiting firm, Duffy Group has a deep understanding of organizational cultures and sector mission challenges.  We partner with our clients to create long-term solutions that align with organizational strategic missions. Our global footprint along with experience across a wide array of industries and sectors provide us access to a desirable pool of executives with nonprofit experience as well as those who bring the passion, qualifications, and skills to transition into a nonprofit organization. Our consultant experience and thorough research assure our clients the best candidate for their mission and culture.

What Are the Benefits of Non Profit Executive Search Firms?

Proficient executive search firms for non profit organizations remove the burden from existing management or board members of finding the best matches for the staff.  Our team can successfully help you identify and define successful profiles for current and emerging leadership roles, identify and develop internal successors, conduct strategic external searches to recruit leaders of excellence, and build a solid CEO and senior level succession planning process that will ensure your mission continues in the future.

Our process begins with an in-depth review of your needs and culture — and our knowledge of the current work environment in the nonprofit sector. This helps us clarify the issues that may affect your organization and its goals — and determine the skill set your next leader will need in order to respond to them.

Will Duffy Group’s Extensive Contacts Help You Recruit the Right People?

Nonprofit recruiting firms talk to and gather information on a wide range of people. Duffy Group keeps these contacts warm and vital so that we can quickly draw on our extensive talent pool developed over multiple searches in the sector, as well as national networks and our personal relationships with qualified individuals. We can identify and develop candidates with the talent and experience your organization needs to succeed, now and in the future.

As part of our search process — resulting from successful searches for nonprofits across the nation — we conduct an extensive reference and verification process for every candidate, which includes confirming employment history, verifying academic credentials, and conducting extensive reference conversations. This extra-mile effort places Duffy Group at the forefront of non for profit recruitment agencies.

Duffy Group is positioned to partner with you as you engage the talent challenges and embrace opportunities. Our experience in non profit executive search, resources, and our proven process assure you success. As you look at non profit recruiters, you will see that Duffy Group stands out from the rest.