Venture Capital and Private Equity Executive Recruitment Doesn’t Have to Be A Gamble

If you are looking for executives for your Venture Capital and Private Equity firm, you don’t want to gamble. Top talent is essential to the firm’s success. You want an executive recruitment partner who can deliver the goods.

That’s the Duffy Group. Our unique process can save you money and find the candidates who can take your company forward.

How Does Recruitment Research Change Venture Capital Recruitment?

The typical executive recruiter tends to assess contingency fees that amount to 25 to 35 percent of the new position’s compensation package. For venture capital firms, that is an especially inflated amount for the work involved.

Using Recruitment Research, Duffy Group is able to provide the same services for 10 to 15 percent. That’s quite a savings for our venture capital and private equity clients.

However, this is not some discounted service. It is a multi-prong approach that leads to the identification and recruitment of highly qualified candidates.

Our steps include strategy development, name generation, story-telling, candidate vetting and final presentation and report.  We find that by being flexible and forward-thinking, we save our private equity venture capital clients time and money in their executive search.

Why Does Duffy Group Use a Different Approach for Private Equity Executive Recruitment?

Kathleen Duffy developed Recruitment Research in 1991 when she saw that traditional headhunting cost too much and didn’t always deliver the best results.  She soon discovered that her unique recruitment processes saved her clients money and filled leadership roles better.

Clients like this collaborative approach for a number of reasons.  Duffy Group puts a big emphasis on understanding the company, its business culture, and its philosophy.

The team confers with company staff to get an idea of how the open position fits into the current structure. We can go beyond the resume to find you that no-nonsense leader, maverick or team player that you need.

We assess marketplace factors that can affect recruitment efforts.  We identify what strategies are needed to overcome obstacles.

This framework helps put the job requirements into context. It influences the initial list of cold calls that team leaders will make. It informs the story-telling we do to get individuals interested in the position. It shapes the questions we ask in our comprehensive pre-interviews.  Plus it leads to beneficial reporting at the end of the process.

You won’t find this dedication and due diligence at other executive search firms.  If you are wondering if Recruitment Research works, there are plenty of success stories. Duffy Group has a loyal client base with 78 percent of its business coming from repeat customers.

If you are looking for another indicator of how well this system works for its clientele, just look at how many people now work for the Duffy Group recruiting firm.  Kathleen’s staff keeps expanding to meet the growing demand for Recruitment Research.

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