Duffy Group is the Solution for Tech Recruiting Glitches

Every boss is looking for technology talent who will think outside the box. This requires serious initiative as well as advanced degrees and proven work records. Yet technology recruitment services don’t display this type of forward-thinking, and it limits their effectiveness.

Just when they should succeed, their process tends to glitch. This results in candidates who look good on paper but aren’t really right for your business culture. That’s just not acceptable when you are trying to hire top tech executives and others whose skills are right for your firm’s niche.

Why do glitches happen? Traditional recruiters have a one-size-fits-all formula and simply apply it over and over to all types of clients.

Luckily, there’s the Duffy Group. Our Recruitment Research is original, flexible, and forward-thinking in every way. As such, our recruiting is easily tailored to your tech recruiting needs.

Why Does Duffy Group Excel at Tech Recruiting?

Our client list demonstrates that we are effective at assisting everyone from big businesses to new tech start-ups. Our Recruitment Research process doesn’t limit itself to current job seekers. We dig deep into the talent pool to find highly qualified candidates.

Utilizing story-telling techniques, we capture interest and encourage talent to consider a move. This is especially important for technology companies since the marketplace can be so competitive and the talent pool can be so small.

When your tech firm needs to find a CEO or to fill any highly specialized tech position, the Duffy Group approach is both the effective way to accomplish your goals and the most cost effective way to handle executive tech recruiting today.

Why is Duffy Group a Better Tech Recruitment Partner?

Much more practical than traditional recruiting, our partnership-minded approach is perfect for tech recruiting. Our exclusive client-interview process helps us understand the particular challenges that tech companies face.

Then our team leaders identify ways to meet challenges head on. Perhaps the recruitment pool is tiny due to the necessary tech degrees or experience. Perhaps the problem is that your tech startup can’t afford the same salary as a big business.

Whatever the challenges in your hiring process, we will find a worthy slate of tech professionals who match your job requirements.

What Is the Power and Impact of Knowledge in Technology Recruitment?

These days work technology never stands still. From IT to AI, it is constantly evolving, and this affects every business and every employee in different ways. There are vital tech roles at almost every firm, further complicating the recruitment process within the tech industry itself.

That’s why even before you hire the Duffy Group, we are already working for you. As part of our Recruitment Research, our team leaders watch tech trends closely. With a wide range of contacts and clients, our team leaders stay up to date on how tech is changing the marketplace.

Well aware that tech talent is in high demand, we emphasize creativity and flexibility in our unique approach to filling important open positions.

Our recruitment strategies have helped a wide range of tech companies. You can find out more about our technology clientele by clicking here.

How Does Duffy Group Exceed Executive Recruitment Expectations

There are other tech recruiting firms, but none will tailor the process to you in the way that the Duffy Group will do.


Our team focuses on more than filling a position. For instance, our candidate interviews are looking for more than a degree. We are looking for that blend of competency, personality, and dedication that will be a good fit for a high-level tech job at your company with its specific needs and culture. Diversity and inclusion are a natural part of our process, ensuring that nothing prevents us from finding the best talent for your needs.

When we are done, you’ll have full access to our research. You’ll have a list of candidates that goes beyond the top three. That way you may have your next hire already on your short list.

What else would you like to know about our technical recruitment capability? Contact us or give us a call at 602-861-5840.