Technology Recruitment

Revolutionize Your Recruitment Strategy

Clients include:

  • Avolve Software Corporation
  • BCBS of Arizona
  • DriveTime Automotive Group, Inc.
  • Entrepix
  • Equality Health
  • Immedia Integrated Technologies
  • I-ology
  • Land Development Engineering, LLC
  • Lightsource BP
  • Prime Solutions Group
  • Sun Health Corporation
  • Technology Providers, Inc.
  • Trade Desk
  • Trex Company, Inc.
  • Trinity University
  • Valley Health Plan

Technology Positions include:

Technology recruiting is a specialized discipline within the talent acquisition field, focused on identifying and hiring professionals for roles in the rapidly evolving tech industry. Given the highly specialized and often niche skill sets required in technology roles, recruiters in this sector must stay up-to-date with emerging languages, frameworks, and tools. They often employ a variety of techniques, from coding tests to behavioral interviews, to assess both technical capabilities and soft skills like problem-solving and adaptability. Technology recruiters play a vital role in building teams that can innovate and thrive in a landscape defined by constant change.

  • Chief Technology & Information Officer
  • Civil Engineering Designer
  • Cloud Development Engineer
  • Compliance and Testing Engineer
  • Computational Software Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Steward
  • Electrical Engineer
  • End-User Computing Manager
  • Energy Storage Applications Engineer
  • Front-End Developer Team Lead
  • Full Stack Engineer
  • Information Architect
  • Information Systems
  • Network Engineer
  • Principal IT Manager
  • Project Manager, ITS
  • SCADA Engineer
  • Senior Engineering Manager
  • Senior Manager, Web App Development
  • Senior Software Support Engineer
  • Senior Director, ITS Support
  • Senior Solution Architect
  • Technical Support Analyst
  • VP of Informatics