How Can Duffy Group Help with Executive Search in Higher Education?

Staffing in higher education provides great and ongoing challenges. All higher education institutions face ever-tightening budgets, relentless scrutiny and talent poaching. Whether at state schools, private colleges or for-profit institutions, HR professionals can avail themselves to capable, skilled executive recruiters to overcome the challenges of finding and attracting top talent.

Duffy Group – the One to Choose among Executive Search Firms in Higher Education Recruitment

Since 2001, Duffy Group experts have been growing and evolving to become leading higher education executive recruiters – becoming the go-to higher ed search firm. It’s what we do: providing services to public and private colleges and university aggressively recruit the best academic leaders in the industry. Our effort and study has given us an outstanding reputation for thoughtful, strategic recruiting and assessment of prominent, authoritative senior academic and non-academic administrators.  This reputation allows us as higher education recruiters to seek and deliver forward-looking and powerful leadership across the higher education landscape with tremendous success.

What Kinds of Searches does Duffy Group Excel at among Higher Education Search Firms?

Duffy Group has conducted a large number of searches as higher ed recruiters for chancellor, president, vice president, provost, dean, chair and director positions with great success. Our extensive experience and expertise in conducting searches in the higher education field, research proficiency, and ability to identify and engage passive talent means that we consistently provide the most qualified candidates for our clients’ consideration.

How Does Duffy Group Find the Best Candidates for a Higher Education Institution?

Duffy Group utilizes a highly-targeted, direct recruitment strategy to reach talent in the higher education community who otherwise are not looking for or know a job opportunity exists. We leverage our expertise and relationships in the industry to find the best candidates for every position. We take great care to understand each institution’s vision for their new hire and create a search plan to identify the best candidates for the position.

How Does Duffy Stand Out from Other Higher-Education Executive Search Firms?

We always begin by spending the necessary time to understand your needs, your institution’s culture, and the requirements of the position. We follow with rigorous research and screening to find candidates focusing on the best matches to the demands of the position to be filled and the institutional culture, as well as a fit within your salary requirements; our efforts dramatically increase the likelihood of strong long term satisfaction both hiring institution and the person chosen for the position. Now we can conduct comprehensive search and direct recruitment – including our own existing network – to identify top candidates, and provide vetting of the candidate pool. You can certainly depend on our active support during the interview process, as well as throughout negotiations and appointment of the desired candidate.

What is the Structure of Duffy Groups Compensation?

Many higher education recruitment firms or higher education headhunters charge a fixed percentage of the candidate’s salary. We feel this can motivate academic search firms in higher education to fill the position with minimum effort and, for maximum salary, Duffy Group prefers to develop a customized recruitment strategy for each search. As headhunters in higher education, Duffy Group does as much or as little as each search requires, and bills only for time spent, setting us apart from many other higher ed executive search firms. With our experienced team of recruiters, wide-ranging expertise and comprehensive resources, we have the skills and passion to find the best candidate for each position at the lowest possible expense to you.