Manufacturing Recruiters Are Not All Alike

A company in the world of manufacturing relentlessly works to increase its competitive advantages while driving down costs. Such entities have turned to continuous improvement efforts like “Lean Manufacturing” and “Six Sigma” techniques while expanding supply-chain jobs from a regional to a global platform with the  goal of revitalizing the entire manufacturing process.

Where Does Duffy Group Fit In as a Manufacturing Recruiter?

Duffy Group has a long history as a manufacturing recruiter, having worked with many of the nation’s recognized leaders in Lean, Six Sigma and other process improvement methodologies. These leaders include many of the country’s premier manufacturers and consulting companies. Our adherence to Lean in our manufacturing recruiting research approach allows us to exemplify the benefits of this approach in our own work while it  enables us to identify and vet top process improvement performers across manufacturing, healthcare, defense, packaged goods and service industries.

Are All Manufacturing Executive Recruiters Alike?

The same focus and effort that manufacturers use to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries becomes necessary in the work of manufacturing job recruiters in  obtaining top manufacturing talent in today’s global economy, using all available expertise and resources in order to compete in the world of strategic talent acquisition. In achieving this goal, top manufacturing companies partner with manufacturing executive search firms like Duffy Group. Extensive industry experience enables us to consistently deliver talent solutions for the most demanding leadership needs.

Why Partner with a Manufacturing Recruitment Agency?

In a partnership-minded approach beginning with an understanding of the functions and culture surrounding the crucial manufacturing roles within your organization, Duffy Group has developed an extensive network of contacts with strong ties to the pioneers of process improvement. The result produces successful recruiting for management and executive-level positions in manufacturing, operations management and Lean healthcare across the U.S., Asia, Europe and Latin America.

What Is the Power and Impact of Knowledge in Manufacturing Recruitment?

An extensive manufacturing knowledge base is key to Duffy Groups successful searching, followed by identification and evaluation of the highest-caliber manufacturing professionals, and then delivering quality candidates for even the most challenging manufacturing positions. We know the questions to ask, can quickly assess  candidate competency, and understand the entire manufacturing process along with the complexity of manufacturing jobs from concept to consumer. With this understanding, we can provide highly personal manufacturing recruitment search services to our clients.

How Do You Choose among Manufacturing Recruitment Agencies?

We recognize that opportunities bring challenges, requiring ongoing innovation to recruit top talent. Duffy Group keeps on top of global trends so that it can utilize targeted recruiting that delivers the industry’s best manufacturing jobs. If you want the best of manufacturing headhunters, Duffy Group will give you the quality service you need and desire.