Duffy Group is Experienced in International Recruitment Today

International recruitment adds obstacles to the already difficult recruiting process of filling executive positions and other specialized top jobs.  Duffy Group is here to help jump those hurdles and achieve your C-suite hiring goals.

Our team is experienced with many different types of international recruiting efforts. On the one hand, US companies need to staff an overseas office. On the other, multinational companies seek to hire US talent for their existing or new US locations.  Whatever your particular goal, Duffy Group can help.

If your company has international recruitment needs, our Recruitment Research method is the most effective approach.  It is a collaborative process with benefits that go beyond a list of names.

Why is International Executive Recruiting so Difficult?

International executive recruiting is complicated by many factors. Of course, geographic differences are the first hurdle.  Beyond that, it is often hampered by language barriers, communications snafus, and cultural differences. Then there are the legal issues, such as employment laws and Visa considerations.

You need a good ally, one with experience, skill, and very good networking skills. That’s Duffy Group.

We’ve been involved with international executive recruitment for more than 15 years. Since we work nationally and internationally, our reach is extensive. We dive deep into the talent pool to find the right fit for your company.

Kathleen Duffy, the Duffy Group founder, created the Recruitment Research approach in 1991.  This flexible pricing model is a welcome change from retained or contingent fee executive search.

How Can International Recruiting Be More Effective?

The key to better international recruiting is a better process than headhunters who ask for an expensive retainer or charge exorbitant contingency fees. Recruitment Research starts out flexible and stays that way. It’s even flexible in its approach, which may be bundled or unbundled to suit your needs.

From candidate sourcing to vetting, every effort is made to ensure that individuals will fit into your business culture as well as fulfill the written requirements of the job. Your corporate culture and identity remain important throughout the search.

You can find out more about our international clientele and the countries where we’ve worked here.

What is the Recruitment Research for International Positions?

There are five steps in our process, starting with strategy development. This key step gathers the information needed to be successful in an executive search. Our team interviews our client, assesses the challenges, and determines where to start the search.

The second step is name generation. We utilize our extensive network to uncover “passive” talent that traditional executive headhunters tend to miss.

Position promotion is our third step. We reach out to that passive talent and sell the opportunity. We want to get the best people interested in applying for the job.

Individual evaluations is our next step in the process. By conducting customized in-depth interviews, we narrow the search for the candidate who can fit into your company culture as well as handle the position’s demanding requirements.

Our final step is presentation and report. In many cases, we are able to present a slate of good candidates in 12 days. You can check our Testimonials to learn what our clients have to say.

Our reporting goes beyond the recommended slate of candidates. Clients receive information on additional individuals who have been uncovered in the search. This may assist with future hires. Our reports reveal insights into their company culture and provide competitive intelligence we’ve gathered along the way.

To learn more, you are invited to call us at 602-861-5840 or contact us online.