Even with the widespread use of computer technology, individual talent and skill is still vital to industry. When it comes to accountants, that’s especially true. Classic accounting requirements remain the same, but to these challenges have been added contemporary expectations, software struggles, and governmental regulation. Public accounting firms need individuals who are adept at making changes in real time without sacrificing quality or accuracy.  To find the skills, attitudes, and knowledge that modern businesses need, smart managers are looking to hire quality accounting recruiters.

At Duffy, our experienced team can find executives who can see what’s happening now, see what’s coming, and make a company roadmap for the future. Team members have a background in financial services before becoming recruiters. This ensures that they understand the businesses they serve. Adding value, everything we do is based on a balance of cost effectiveness and results.  We provide a product that goes beyond a list of qualified candidates for the job in question.

How Do Duffy Accounting Recruiters Benefit Your CPA Firm?

Whether it’s executive accountant recruiting or a CFO search, the Duffy Group utilizes a recruitment research system that has been developed and refined in the almost 30 years we’ve been in business. Our team approaches the executive recruitment process like a science. Just as there is no one-size-fits-all job, there is no one-job-fits-all individual.

Different from most in our profession, our team acknowledges that each position and each firm requires a personalized approach to recruitment. We gather facts from your business, look at market data, and tailor our actions to match your exacting requirements.  Rest assured, our accounting recruiters aren’t just looking for a resume. They are looking for a good fit, a good reputation, real confidence, and true leadership potential.

Why Choose Duffy as Your Certified Public Accountant Recruiters?

Duffy accounting recruiters are equally adept at finding rising stars as we are at finding proven leadership.  That’s a good thing since accountants are such a vital part of the business model that no company can do without them.  Audit and tax professionals are in demand, and they don’t often move to other firms, at least not on their own.

To get past these obstacles, our active name generation methods allow us access to a growing network of talent from which to draw potential candidates.  Duffy will cold-call passive talent, ascertain the skill level and career goals, and pique their interest in making a change, thus marketing the firm to candidates who may not be familiar. It’s all part of our recruitment research approach that often saves our clients money over traditional fee-based executive recruitment.

The Added Benefits of Our Unique Recruitment Process

While there’s no such thing as a sure thing, Duffy Group strives to come as close as possible to that goal. Our efforts start with an analysis of the available position and the company culture. Ongoing Duffy research and networking are vital tools that allow us to find candidates and match them to your needs.

For our long-term clients, this process has allowed them to save money while still getting the high quality hires they need. Our strategy actually creates a talent pipeline for our clients to keep without paying multiple fees based on salary per hire. This added benefit really sets Duffy Group apart from standard-practice accounting recruiters.

Is a National Reach Necessary?

Duffy can limit the search to a geographical area, but our team prefers the advantage of looking nationwide for eligible candidates. Businesses can get a better shot at top talent with skills and knowledge that may not be available in their current location.  It’s made possible by our unique recruitment research process and our extensive network of recruitment sources.

The Duffy Group is a leader in accounting recruitment for CPA firms. Our efforts can meet the immediate need, while our process can lay the groundwork for future hiring decisions.

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