Finding the Most Talented Accounting Professional for the Job Starts With the Right Recruitment Approach

How Will Our Accounting Recruiters Benefit Your Finance Executive Search?

Whether it’s executive accountant recruiting or a CFO search, the Duffy Group utilizes a recruitment research system that has been developed and refined over the 30-plus years we’ve been in business. Our team approaches the executive recruiter process like a science.

Different from most in our profession, our team acknowledges that each position and each client may require a personalized approach to a recruitment search. Using our proven recruitment research methods, we gather facts from your business, look at market data, and tailor our actions to match your exacting requirements.  Rest assured, our recruiters aren’t just looking for a resume. They are looking for a good fit, a good reputation, real confidence, and true leadership potential in the field.

Why Choose Duffy Group for Accounting Recruiting?

As seasoned accounting recruiters, we are equally adept at finding rising stars as we are at finding proven leadership. That’s important when your search involves top-level accountants and other financial professionals. The accountant role is such a vital part of the business model that no company can do without them. Likewise, audit and tax professionals are in big demand. These career professionals don’t often switch accounting or financial firms, at least not on their own.

To get past these obstacles, our active name generation methods provides meaningful access to a growing network of talent from which to draw potential candidates. Each Duffy recruiter will cold-call passive talent and ascertain the skill level and career goals. When appropriate to the search, our recruiter will pique their interest in making a career change, thus marketing the firm to candidates who may not be familiar. This strategic approach to accounting recruiting allows Duffy to target professionals in a wide variety of industries. This is why our senior staffing search often reveals untapped talent that a traditional accountant recruiter tends to miss.

The Added Benefits of Our Unique Recruitment Process

While there’s no such thing as a sure thing, Duffy Group strives to come as close as possible to that goal. Our efforts start with an analysis of the available accounting position and the company culture.  We may visit your business to learn more about what senior management expects of a new hire.  Moving beyond the jobs description, we can find important clues that guide our search. Ongoing Duffy research and networking are vital tools that allow us to find candidates on a career path that matches client needs.

For our long-term clients, this process has allowed them to save money while still getting the high quality accounting hires they need. Our strategy actually creates a talent pipeline for our clients to keep. This added benefit really sets the Duffy team apart from standard-practice accounting recruiters.  Your hiring manager may be able to fill the next position without an additional fee for recruiting services.

An executive search must be focused on talent at all times.  That’s why at Duffy our goal isn’t to meet a jobs quota. Our goal is to find the type of people who represent future success for our client.  You can trust us to find candidates for senior positions who are energetic and driven.

Is a National Reach Necessary for High-Level Accounting Jobs?

Many recruiters limit the search to a geographical area, but our team prefers the advantage of looking nationwide for eligible finance and accountant candidates.  After all, accounting jobs aren’t concentrated in one city. Therefore, recruiter outreach is best served when recruiting from across the country. We even assist finance companies with international finance staffing searches.

By design, our recruiters cast a wide net. By moving beyond strict geographical boundaries to conduct our search, we help our finance clients get a better shot at career talent with the right skills and knowledge.  This approach is made possible by the combination of our unique recruitment research process and our extensive network of finance business contacts.

The Duffy Group is a leading recruiter for CPA firms and all types of companies. Our recruiters’ efforts will meet your immediate senior staffing need, while our process can lay the groundwork for your future hiring decisions. Let’s get started!

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