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Our complex world makes it hard to find dynamic and effective talent for public sector jobs. Illustrating the problem, a 2022 survey reported that 79 percent of HR professionals found it hard to fill open positions. As if oblivious to this reality, many government executive search firms continue to act as if the public sector is on a level playing field with business.

Duffy Group, on the other hand, stays ready for every change and every challenge by utilizing Recruitment Research.  We go beyond the ordinary to discover extraordinary executive level candidates who meet government’s exacting requirements.

How Duffy Government Executive Recruiters Keep an Eye on Your Budget

Whether municipal, county or state, public agencies start at a hiring disadvantage. They must overcome the twin problems of limited budgets and complicated hiring processes.

A challenge like that is why our founder Kathleen Duffy developed Recruitment Research. The first step is to develop a scalable recruitment strategy through consultation with our clients. 

Working with you, we can create a customized plan that will maximize your recruitment dollars. Our seasoned government executive recruiters use creativity and flexible thinking to create advantages in a tight employment environment.

While business has streamlined its hiring processes, governments have created stumbling blocks between recruitment and selection. Duffy Group takes the initiative on this issue on behalf of its public sector clients on the municipal, county or state level.

 To keep the best players in the game, Duffy Group government executive recruiters assist the most eligible prospects with filing their application.  This ensures that good candidates are not eliminated due to paperwork errors.  

How We Add Value to Your Public Sector Executive Search

Let’s face it. A less competitive salary limits the pool of qualified candidates before you have even started your public sector executive search.

Recruitment Research is ready for this hurdle. Our government executive recruiters go deep to find the right person for the job. During this name generation part of the process, we use our considerable network to uncover talented people with the right education and skills.

The next part of Recruitment Research is vitally important to public sector executive recruitment. During our position promotion phase, we talk directly with the most likely candidates and generate enthusiasm for the position.

This is how we attract prospects who are not on an active job search. It’s another bonus from Duffy Group that other public executive search firms rarely match.

To decide the final candidates, Duffy Group is committed to rigorous screening. We do customized in-depth interviews with the best prospects. Our detailed candidate profiles are available to our clients as a standard part of our executive search services.

How We Assist with Local Government Recruitment Challenges

Local government recruitment agencies are often little more than job boards. They do not actively address the lack of interest in public sector jobs.

From 2021 to 2022, public sector job applications dropped by 56 percent. This disinterest in public service definitely affects the government executive recruitment process at the city, county and state level.

Duffy Group knows that local government recruitment challenges are unique. When we are hired by a municipal entity, we focus on being a good partner.

The goal is not just filling an empty chair.  The goal is finding municipal leadership that will be enthusiastic and effective.

Please feel free to reach out to team leader, Melissa Barker, to learn more.