Those positions that make up the Human Resources Department are the backbone of an organization, and as such, they must stay in alignment. Well-experienced as human resources recruitment specialists, Duffy Group effectively becomes an extension of our clients’ HR Departments, helping to recruit for those roles that ensure a productive workplace.


The Hiring Process Benefits from Executive Recruitment Research

Getting to know the organizational culture is an integral part of our recruitment research process. We want to provide our clients with a slate of interested, qualified candidates who will quickly adapt to and ultimately enhance the established culture. We learn about who has been successful in the past as well as discovering those traits that could be barriers to the candidate’s success.


Competitive Market Intelligence Assists HR Professionals

Gathering competitive market intelligence is a service we provide on either a stand-alone basis or as a value-added component of a specific project. In our conversations with candidates, we are digging deep for information about their salary, bonus structure, and benefits package. Our detective work ensures that our clients know what they are up against in a competitive landscape.


Duffy Promotes Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusivity are top of mind for Human Resource professionals in every industry. Our recruitment research process uncovers those candidates who can help your organization move toward a more diverse workforce while focusing on creating the culture of inclusivity that makes it possible.

Finding the Talent You Want With the Skills You Need

The health, wellness, and safety of employees are paramount in 2020, as are the liabilities that go along with them. Of course, this includes the evolution of a remote workforce and the challenges that come with it. Whether you are looking for an HR Legal Attorney or a Compensation and Benefits Director, Duffy Group will search for those professionals who are aware of current compliance issues and have done their homework to keep abreast of rapidly changing trends and requirements.

Attracting and retaining top talent and providing opportunities for training and development are crucial functions of a well-run organization. Responsibility for implementation are critical Human Resources functions. Duffy Group has been successful in hiring Directors of Training and Organizational Development, Talent Acquisition Managers, and Recruiters, as well as Global Staffing Directors in the Renewable Energy, Financial Services, and Healthcare industries, to name only a few. These case studies reveal more about our partnerships with HR professionals:


Human Resources Recruitment for the 21st Century Economy

Whether your organization is seeking its next Chief Human Resources Officer, a Vice President of HR, or a Payroll and Benefits Coordinator, Duffy Group specializes in Human Resources Recruitment and can be a valuable partner in a successful hiring process. Our Recruitment Research process is effective, efficient, and economical. With the ability to unbundle your search, paying only for those services you need, using Duffy Group as your HR Recruiting partner guarantees the best return on your investment. We are determined to keep your Human Resources flexible, mobile, and operating at optimal efficiency.

We invite you to learn more about our human resources recruitment work with clients by consulting with these Practice Leaders. Our chat system is a great way to get started during the work week. Please contact us any time.