Strategic Partnership

Recruitment Case Study

The Benefits of a Strategic Partnership

CyberScout is the nation’s premier consultative provider of identity and data risk management, resolution and education services.​ Known for their unique approach to executive recruiting, Duffy Group, Inc. became CyberScout's first "exclusive" partner to recruit external talent.

What they were doing

Victoria McCoy, CHRO joined the company shortly after the partnership was established. She liked the results from the first search, especially the cost, but the jury was still out for her. The second search was more complicated as it was a confidential replacement. When Duffy worked on the second search, she “got” their value proposition:

What solidified the partnership was the sense of collaboration:

  • The caliber of the candidates: they are not just a fit qualification-wise, but culturally as well. “The longer we work together, the more Duffy becomes attune to our culture. Duffy’s team understands which personality will or will not be successful at our company.”
  • Receiving feedback on recruiting challenges which included market intelligence – “for example, we are not going to get the level of a candidate because our compensation is off.”

Why the partnership works:

“Duffy Group is an organization that is looking at the best source to find the right candidates. The feedback from candidates, who do not usually reply to recruiters, was that the Duffy Group recruiters understood our business and knew what we are looking for, rather than just finding a resume for the database.”

Many times executive recruiting firms will drive the candidate’s salary up so they can increase their fee. The hourly fee model gives us the sense that we are working with a partner who is interested in the best outcome for both parties – the client and the candidate. Duffy’s pricing model takes this concern away.


Highly-qualified candidates came to CyberScout‘s attention within 15 days – several quickly moved through the interview process – and were ultimately hired. Based on the outcomes of the searches, CyberScout has seen a 99% placement rate. “We have gotten the support we needed. The Duffy team is willing to regroup and restrategize. We appreciate the weekly reports, but most of all the realistic timeline and expectations.”

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