Nicole Vahabzadeh, CDR

Nicole Vahabzadeh, CDR

Director of Learning and Professional Development

Nicole Vahabzadeh - Practice Leader and Recruiting Training Manager
Nicole Vahabzadeh knows a lot about recruiting. It comes from 15 years of sourcing candidates in executive and in-house recruiting positions. Now, she’s putting that experience into action in the dual role of senior recruiter and recruiting training director.

Nicole loves the variety of sourcing and interviewing everyone from entry-level to executive candidates in industries ranging from renewable energy to manufacturing and other technical roles. She also enjoys the collaboration between clients and candidates, along with teaching fellow recruiters how to provide the best possible support to be successful in their positions.

Nicole distinguishes herself through her compassion and dedication to contributing to community causes and helping the less fortunate through her community affiliations. Nicole’s passion for serving her community led her to the National Charity League, one of the nation’s most distinctive and well-respected mother-daughter membership organizations. NCL is committed to the development of its members as leaders, and is dedicated to volunteerism and supporting philanthropies through hands-on activities in local communities.

Nicole is a native of Michigan and a graduate of University of Arizona where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.