Sharon Grace

Sharon Grace

Practice Leader

Sharon Grace - Practice Leader

Sharon Grace’s passion for accounting and finance makes her a strong complement to our team at Duffy Group, Inc. With nearly two decades of recruitment experience, her core experience is accounting and finance within many industries across the U.S.; her recruiting expertise includes roles in human resources, higher education, manufacturing, and nonprofit leadership. This genuine, seasoned, top performer is not just all about the numbers; she is skilled at delivering an organization’s greatest asset – its people.

Sharon is highly regarded for her honest, ethical, and exceptional customer service. She brings an understanding and knowledge of her clients, candidates and markets, making her a valued business partner. Sharon has fostered relationships with top-tier talent through her executive search experience within the realm of Accounting and Finance. Her bottom-line approach is reflected in her statement, “I strive for low volume and high quality. That means zeroing in on candidates who are the best fit for the job.”

Sharon graduated from Western New England University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing. As an adult, she has developed a new-found love of ballet and even hip-hop. Working with prima ballerinas throughout the valley, Sharon strives to improve her art, bringing the intricacies and discipline of dance into all she does. Sharon knows, “The best (candidates) can’t be hired; they must be courted.”