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Healthcare Recruitment Case Study

A well-known academic medical center acquired a prominent health care provider. The growth required under this arrangement forced the need to promptly increase the size of their full time staff by 50 under a combined department. In this case, the Medical Center had some staff in place that was responsible to protect the guidelines of the contract but had a compressed timeframe for completion. This would clearly be a big challenge with or without specialized healthcare executive recruiters.

What they were doing

It was typical for the Medical Center to rely on internal staff to post jobs. Their HR department posted, collected and evaluated applications as well as handled all administrative aspects of the hiring process. Under the gun because of the short timeframe required, they quickly realized that they lacked the bandwidth and expertise to evaluate the desired qualifications and still meet the contract requirements. To keep their competitive advantage, the leadership decided it was time to partner with a healthcare executive recruiting firm.

Transition to Duffy

The Center was referred to Duffy Group based on their unique business model; one that offers a collective set of services that speak to the needs of the client organizations.

Duffy Group Strategy

Duffy strategized with the client’s internal HR department to execute a three-phased approach. Duffy was able to implement key services including executive search and professional-level sourcing to assist the Center in meeting its contract requirements.


Within 45 days, Duffy Group’s project team completed the search by filling the critical positions under the contract’s guidelines without unnecessary stress on the organization. The partnership allowed more time for managers to emphasis the importance of training and development consequently morale increased. Moreover, the contract was satisfied with Duffy Group’s well-established recruitment research approach: 68 offers were extended, resulting in 53 hires. Additional services (e.g. compensation reports) provided by Duffy encouraged competitive offers.

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