• How Will Automation Affect Healthcare Jobs?

    If anyone should feel confident about the future, it is those working in the healthcare industry. Thanks to a rapidly aging population and advances in late-life medicine, job growth in the healthcare field has been stratospheric. The field employs more than one in 10 Americans, and is projected to add more jobs than any other industry over the next decade.

  • Hiring Changes Food Industry

    Similar to every other major industry, food manufacturing isn't immune to the rapid advance of technology and changing market conditions. The global food giant, Kellogg, recently announced it would lay off 1,100 workers in a bid to improve efficiency. The layoffs, which follow similar job reductions at other major industry producers, come at a time of great change in the grocery industry.

  • Brexit UK financial industry

    The United Kingdom is rightly celebrated as an engine of global finance, with many observers now saying London has supplanted New York City as the world's top financial center. London is home to a long roster of international financial heavyweights and is regularly ranked as one of the most desirable markets to work in by finance industry professionals.

  • Political litmus text for college staff

    Many of us are familiar with typical job interview questions that ask about your strengths and weaknesses. For obvious reasons, interviewers generally tend to shy away from controversial questions about political or religious beliefs. But a proposed new law in Iowa wanted to force some higher education workers to declare their political allegiance during the interview process. It was part of a legislative effort to ensure "partisan balance" in colleges and universities.