• Google New Venture Capital Business

    Ask people what type of company Google is, you're likely to hear the word "search" repeated fairly often. Yet that definition became obsolete years ago, when Google began devoting enormous resources to mobile and other emerging technologies.

  • Mentoring Coaching Millennials

    Millennials have moved into the workplace in force; according to Pew Research, they've already surpassed Gen Xers as the single largest demographic cohort in the modern day labor force. Given their outsize numbers and increasing importance, organizations that can effectively reach Millennials and offer them the kind of career development they're seeking are best positioned to compete for young talent.

  • Amazon Whole Foods Merger

    The recent announcement of Amazon's $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods was met with shock in many quarters. The implications of this blockbuster deal are far reaching: While supermarkets must contend with an innovative, wealthy and aggressive new competitor, consumer goods producers will also need to re-evaluate their Amazon strategies -- and customers in the years ahead may find the grocery shopping experience they have grown accustomed to has been re-imagined.

  • How HR Personalization Affects Businesses

    Today, we live in a world where things are tailored to our specifications. Smart companies use data analysis to know not only what we're looking for, but when and how we want it. When we're online, we're presented with custom ads designed to meet our specific needs and desires at that moment. Amazon seems to know what we want to buy before we do; Netflix, meanwhile, offers us a personalized selection of films based on our viewing habits.