• Book Solidifies Recruitment Research as a Third Legitimate Approach to Unearthing Top Talent

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    About two and a half years ago, I embarked on an interesting journey. I endeavored to write a book to enlighten companies and their internal and external recruiters about a little-known but highly effective approach to uncovering top talent.


    Revolutionizing Recruitment: How Recruitment Research is Reshaping the Industry was designed to help anyone looking for quality candidates think differently.


    After all, the industry was in a funk. I saw frustrated hiring managers fill the same sales position repeatedly, only to have employees leave after a year or two. I watched as large companies came up short in hiring for multiple roles on their teams. And I cringed when I learned that companies paid far too much to get far too little from recruiters in return.


    The book was intended to share my successes in an approach I had perfected more than 30 years ago along with the experiences of my colleagues who had discovered the benefits of Recruitment Research.


    As I define it in the book, Recruitment Research is based on the knowledge that every client has a unique story and unique hiring needs. As such, each search is based on identifying the special elements that impact a given company’s or client’s hiring process.


    While it may have been all companies have known, traditional recruitment methods have proven costly while failing to deliver niche talent or build a company’s talent pipeline. In contrast, Recruitment Research offers flexibility at every stage of the process, so companies and clients can determine how their recruiting resources – whether it’s an internal recruiter or an external recruiting company – can support their efforts. By unbundling the recruitment process, companies and clients can choose which elements of the search to handle themselves or to assign to their recruiting partner. This maximizes each partner’s talents while saving companies as much as 50% off traditional recruitment fees.


    Aside from the cost, traditional recruitment methods have been slow to evolve in a rapidly changing environment. The way businesses operate, communicate and the strategies candidates use to identify new opportunities demand an equally innovative approach to recruiting.


    Recruitment Research embraces out-of-the-box thinking to identify candidates who not only fill vital roles on their companies’ teams but also solve problems and serve as leaders in their organizations.


    Those who have worked with Duffy Group know how Recruitment Research works.


    It starts with a sourcing strategy, including an in-depth, unvarnished situation analysis to understand the culture and personality of the hiring company, the job’s requirements, responsibilities and candidate skill set.


    That is followed by name generation to identify candidates whose backgrounds, education and experiences dovetail with the hiring company’s needs.


    Next comes recruitment candidate vetting to contact and pre-qualify potential hires. At Duffy Group, we create a “sizzle” around why potential hires should consider the opportunity at hand. We may vet up to 100 candidates for a single position and present the top three to five of the most qualified and fully screened candidates for interviews.


    The final step in the process is presentation and reporting. The recruitment team shares the database and comprehensive profiles of all candidates for hiring managers to consider if other positions become available.


    Behind this process are thousands of real-life examples of clients who discovered, as I did, the value of this model in delivering candidates with the desired skill set and who fit into their companies’ cultures.


    Clients have been surprised at the number and caliber of candidates– many of whom they would not have been able to reach if not for this model.


    In writing the book, I wanted anyone charged with finding this kind of talent to rethink the old paradigms of one-size-fits-all recruiting and explore a more customized solution. At the same time, I hoped that sharing the stories and successes from Duffy Group and our competitors would solidify Recruitment Research as a third legitimate approach to recruiting.


    Based on the feedback I have received since the book debuted last year, we are making tremendous progress in achieving these goals.


    If you want a copy of the book, Amazon is making a special offer to purchase the book on Kindle for just $.99 during July. Click here for your copy.


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