• Kathleen Duffy Unpacks Gen-Z Workforce Dynamics in Article for Forbes Human Resources Council


    As Generation Z begins to make its mark in the workforce, businesses face the challenge of understanding and integrating this diverse and technologically savvy demographic. Kathleen Duffy, President and CEO of Duffy Group, shares her expertise with the Forbes Human Resources Council, emphasizing the essential shift in workplace dynamics and strategies needed to effectively engage with Gen-Z employees.

    In her recent article, Kathleen offers key insights into Gen-Z’s traits, including their digital savviness, preference for flexible work and a need for transparent, collaborative cultures. She stresses adapting recruitment and retention to these preferences, advocating for online recruitment, mental health benefits, mentorship and skill-based hiring, alongside seven practical tips for engaging Gen-Z in the workforce.

    Kathleen has revolutionized recruitment with her pioneering Duffy Recruitment Research™ model. A seasoned entrepreneur and author, she is also a dedicated mentor and advocate for women in business.

    Read the full article here.

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