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    Kathleen welcomes the “Father of Sourcing,” Shally Steckerl to the podcast.  Shally is the President of The Sourcing Institute and is a globally recognized recruiting leader who has helped build sourcing organizations for major companies like Microsoft, Google, and Coca-Cola. Shally talks about how he became an elder statesman in the recruiting industry and why he’s dedicated his life to teaching the subject of finding and engaging hard-to-find talent.

    About Shally Steckerl: Shally is a rebel, pioneer, founder, thought provoker, husband, father, and innovator. He is globally recognized as the Godfather of Sourcing, widely regarded as the foremost authority on the subject of finding and engaging hard-to-find talent. His third book, The Sourcing Method, is the seminal text on how to fix what’s broken in Talent Acquisition.

    Since 1996 Shally has presented thousands of keynotes, workshops, and webinars worldwide, empowering recruiters to efficiently find unfindable talent. He has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, NPR, Forbes, and hundreds of other publications. His methods have become global standards, adapted to every business setting in an ever-changing talent market.

    Google his name, and you will find it on all kinds of “top influencers” lists but don’t be fooled, he is really just passionate about provoking thought and providing instant pain relief for your talent sourcing and recruiting agony.