• The Forecast is Still Good for Renewable Energy Recruitment

    Renewable Energy

    This has been a difficult and uncertain time for many sectors of business throughout the world. From a recruiting standpoint, there is one industry that shows no signs of slowing down, and that is renewable energy.  Many countries have set energy goals to be 100% renewable by the year 2050, if not well before.  As renewable energy recruitment firms can attest, the talent pool is still relatively fresh despite the fierce demand. This leads to ample opportunities for professional advancement.

    Renewable energy is a relatively new and rapidly evolving field.  While we have heard the term “renewable energy” or “green energy” for several years, it is essential to point out how very new it is. In 1975, the first mention of using 100% renewable energy was brought forth by a Danish scientist named Bent Sorensen.  While proposals were tossed about, it was not until 1998 that the first detailed and viable analysis was published.  With the big push over the last decade, there are promising careers in this industry that simply did not exist 25 years ago.

    How to Find an Effective Solar Energy Recruitment Partner

    Solar energy recruitment specialists and executive search firms have partnered with energy companies whose projects range in size from residential rooftop solar to commercial carport installations to utility-scale solar farms.   Whether the focus is on battery storage, wind turbine, or photovoltaic manufacturing, solar land development, or solar tracking software, opportunities in the renewable energy industry are vast. Partnering with a renewable energy recruitment agency allows businesses to meet the growing global demand for highly-qualified alternative energy talent.

    Solar arrays are everywhere.  They can be very small, perhaps on top of a single street lamp lighting a pathway. They can be carport-mounted; while you grocery shop, the carport shades your car from the hot sun while the solar panels simultaneously power the grocery store. Solar farms can also be creative and even beautiful.

    A quick internet search will reveal fascinating pictures of the curved rooftop arrays at Google’s Headquarters in Mountain View, California. An astounding example of a floating solar array in Sangju City, South Korea, illustrates how solar farms can exist on water, especially the smooth aquatic surface of a reservoir.  The Disney Corporation built a Mickey Mouse shaped solar farm of 48,000 panels to power Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.  Debuting in 2016, the famous Mickey-shaped farm was a collaboration between Disney, Duke Energy, and the local government.  Furthering their commitment to sustainability, Disney World has recently opened a massive 50MW solar facility that generates enough energy to power two of the four major Orlando theme parks.

    Global warming awareness and efforts toward sustainability make careers in alternative energy especially rewarding on a personal level.  A solar energy recruitment specialist asked recent candidates what they love most about their job.  Their answers inevitably mentioned, “bettering the environment” and “making the world a better place for my children”, which warms the heart, instead of the globe!

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