• Motivate Millennials in Workplace

    “Generation Snowflake.” “The Participation Trophy Generation.” “Entitled, Social Media-Crazed Whiners.”

    Millennials have heard it all before. But the truth is that you dismiss young workers at your own peril. As the massive (75 million) Millennial generation moves into the workplace, companies that know how to engage and motivate them will gain a significant competitive advantage. Why? Because most firms are failing in this regard. Some studies show that Millennials are the least engaged segment of the workforce.

    So how can corporate leaders unlock all that potential? Here are a few tips to engage Millennials with maximum results.

    Offer Frequent Feedback

    Millennials have come of age in a world where feedback is often instant. For example, if you post a picture on social media, you will know whether it is resonating with your audience in a matter of minutes.

    Managers should try to provide younger workers frequent guidance to help assuage any uncertainty about where they stand. They should also give them as much feedback as possible. By doing so, communication will be improved and boost morale and job security/

    Stress Professional Growth

    Younger workers often perceive their current position as one step in a longer journey, or a chapter in an ongoing narrative. Given that the era of “40 years and a gold watch” is long over, it makes sense that Millennials have a keen interest in developing new skills while on the job.

    By offering professional development opportunities, Millennials will be motivated to improve and their desire for knowledge and growth will be quelled.

    Flexible Work Environment Trumps Money

    If you think more money is always the best way to gain greater loyalty, you may be misjudging your Millennial workers. Today, many young people prize experiences over material goods.

    Flexible scheduling, telecommuting, and offering more business travel opportunities can all play a role in creating happier, more engaged workers.

    Play Their Strengths

    Millennials are the most highly-educated and the most tech-savvy of all generations. High-skill, high-education workers will quickly grow bored and indifferent if their skills aren’t being used.

    To keep your young workers happy, play to their strengths and offer them opportunities where their skill set shines through. After all, nothing motivates a worker more than successful results.

    The Bottom Line

    Millennials are moving into the workforce and into leadership position in large numbers. Yet not enough organizations are doing a sufficient job motivating and engaging them. By following this advice, you will be sure to tap into Millennials’ potential for a thriving work environment that reaps rewards for them personally and for your organization’s bottom line.

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