• Construction Recruitment Reimagined for 2021

    construction recruitment

    Players in the construction field are regrouping and re-imagining their projects for 2021, and construction recruiters can help navigate the evolving landscape. The current and expected expansion of residential and commercial construction will demand construction executives who are flexible, forward-thinking, and energetic. Duffy Group’s recruitment research model is the best way to meet that demand head-on.

    Housing Trends Impact Construction Recruitment

    The pandemic is causing what may be a seismic shift in housing trends. Many Millennials drawn to urban areas had been content to dwell in tiny studios. They eschewed homeownership in favor of spending their discretionary income on cultural events, entertainment, and the myriad of restaurant choices in urban foody paradises. As these experiences dwindled in 2020, the walls began closing in on those confined to their own small spaces.

    As the pandemic stretches out, Millennials are leaving cities for suburbs. Demand for single-family homes is making a comeback, and those suburbs with speedy internet service and dependable technology conducive to remote working are at the top of the list.

    This is leading to greater activity in the construction industry even as many other industries are struggling. Human Resources Departments at construction firms may find the demands on their time overwhelming. Partnering with Duffy Group, a top tier construction recruitment company, can ease the burden.

    Construction Recruiters Must Meet New Challenges

    Commercial construction may be experiencing a metamorphosis. Business owners and employees alike have found that remote work options have worked well, and the demand for the corporate high-rise full of cubicles has lost its luster.

    Quarantine fatigue is real, however, and small gatherings, if only remotely, can be necessary to the mental health and productivity of the workforce. Most organizations have adopted some hybrid work options at the very least. Sub-contractors, such as Duffy Group client Immedia, ensure their state-of-the-art audio-visual solutions will help facilitate optimal workflow and productivity within any environment.

    In another example of the pandemic’s effect on the construction industry, commercial contractors have had to respond to the need for new warehouses as supply chains and inventory needs to be altered. This trend arrives on top of other warehouse construction trends.

    With the continued increasing trend toward automation, the need for a manufacturing environment conducive to the efficacy and efficiency of the computers and robots which inhabit the facilities is paramount. Human employees may endure less than optimal conditions, but machines will not.

    If companies are not building new sustainable, warehouses, they are renovating them to keep the humans and their automated counterparts healthy. Sick buildings are not an option. Duffy Group construction recruiters also have a strong presence in the Renewable Energy field and can facilitate partnerships between proven contractors and subcontractors.

    Whether hiring for your next hospital build, warehouse, or residential community, Duffy Group provides the framework for building a solid foundation. Our staff is well-positioned to assist your company with construction recruitment. Please be in touch by phone or chat weekdays and by our contact form any time.





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