• Duffy Group’s Colleen Neese Shares Expert Strategies for Nonprofit Recruitment in NonProfit Pro Article

    NonProfit Pro

    Finding the right talent in the nonprofit world is a tightrope walk — blending skill with passion for the cause and doing so on a shoestring budget. This balancing act calls for a unique approach to recruitment, one that matches professional abilities with a deep commitment to the mission.

    In her NonProfit Pro article, “Recruiting for Mission Can Help Nonprofits Fill Critical Positions,” Colleen Neese dives into how nonprofits can harness their missions to attract top talent. She presents a roadmap: strategic planning, looking for candidates in both familiar and unexpected places, weaving the mission into the organization’s fabric and storytelling that connects with job seekers. Neese also highlights the special edge nonprofits have — their purpose. Read the full article here.

    With a rich background spanning more than 20 years in executive search, Colleen Neese specializes in finding the perfect matches for challenging roles, particularly in the nonprofit and healthcare sectors. She excels in connecting organizations with candidates who are not just professionally qualified but also emotionally invested in the mission, making her a valued resource for nonprofits seeking to build effective, mission-driven teams.

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