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    Back to school time has always been fraught with its share of anxiety, anticipation, and excitement about what new experiences the year ahead holds. This is true of all stakeholders – the students, the faculty, staff, and the administration. Duffy Group, your best choice among higher education search firms, can help to alleviate some of that back-to-school stress by ensuring that your institution has top tier talent representing each department.

    Now, administrators can add to the back-to-school checklist a new set of unknowns brought about by an international pandemic. The importance of an alert and well-versed Risk and Compliance Department can be paramount.

    There are so many more questions than answers. Do we allow our football teams back out on the field? What is the extent of our liability should a player get sick? What steps can we take to ensure the safety of our players and the student body as a whole? With over 2000 college students testing positive for Coronavirus since school started, university administrators are scrambling to provide quarantined housing for sick students and seek best practices for the health and well-being of those on campus.

    Duffy Group can help find leaders in the field of Risk and Compliance, and we have partnerships with many in the medical field as well. This positions us to help your university find the right leadership for today’s crisis and tomorrow’s promising future.

    Choose True Recruitment Professionals Instead of Higher Education Headhunters

    Every university seeks to offer programs that rival the best, offering students a rigorous course of study, preparing them for successful careers in their chosen fields. Unearthing top talent takes more than hiring higher education headhunters. Whether your institution is looking for a new Dean or a Director for your Library, Duffy Group acts as an extension of your HR team to find that shining star.

    And shining stars abound at Duffy Group. Kathleen Duffy, CEO and President of Duffy Group, was honored this month in the Sun Devil 100 class of 2020, which celebrates the achievements of Arizona State University alumni who own or lead successful, innovative businesses across the globe.

    Recruitment research is a method that Kathleen devised and has perfected over years of work as an executive recruiter. Her large team, which she has trained and mentored, uses this system to dig deeper and provide more to clients than just a list of names. This same methodology allows companies a non-traditional approach to executive search that is efficient, effective and economical while providing top quality results.

    Our proven strategies are adaptable to the specific needs of each client. If you are wondering how our higher education executive searches have worked for others, you may want to take a look at our higher education executive recruitment case studies.

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    Whether you are looking for your next CEO or CFO for a large university or a Chief of Police for a regional college, Duffy Group will hunt and find candidates to keep the big ideas flowing and the smallest details checked off. While institutions grow tomorrow’s leaders, higher education search firms help them find the best and the brightest leaders today.

    Call us at 602.861.5840 or use online chat during business hours. You can also fill out this convenient online form for more information.

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