• How to Recruit Transformational Talent

    The demand for transformational talent is rapidly rising, which puts candidates in control in today’s job market, prompting companies and research recruitment agencies to move fast when they find the ideal candidate.

    Most companies understand the importance of recruiting and retaining top talent, but every placement should be looked at as an opportunity for future growth. For your company to drive significant change by hiring transformational talent, you may need to go beyond your traditional recruiting pool and partner with an experienced recruitment research firm that has the contacts and resources to dig deep and knows exactly who to look for and where.

    If the position is a newly created role that has never existed within your company or industry or an existing role that needs a fresh approach due to the explosion of digital marketing and technology, it presents the opportunity to reach out to exceptional candidates from unexpected places.

    For example, when PepsiCo was in need to reinvent its vending machine business, they looked beyond traditional industry channels and recruited a technology executive who ultimately helped create the Xbox Kinect. The skill set that PepsiCo required internally didn’t exist and it was critical that candidate had the digital skills to leverage a food and beverage company. PepsiCo is a global leader in edible consumer goods, and with the help of transformational talent, they have successfully entered into hardware and compete with LG and Samsung.

    Today’s modern companies rely on innovation for success, and the talent with traditional skill sets may fall short in resolving the business challenges of tomorrow. Transformational talent possess a forward-thinking attitude, desire to grow and innovate, and also have non-traditional skills to fit your company’s needs, as opposed to a skill set that fits a traditional model.

    So do you turn to your competition to search for talent, or do you go beyond your industry?
    If you’re a company on the leading edge of innovation, more than likely your competitors don’t have the talent you’re looking for. The key is to explore industries with candidates that can fill the needs of the role and understand how you can translate their skills to help move your company forward.

    Executive search research can be time-consuming, especially when you are looking for transformational talent. Because these candidates don’t always fit into the exact job description, you have to break out of your industry and explore a broader landscape than your traditional talent pool. By teaming up with a reputable recruitment research company and retaining the best talent, transformation becomes a reality.

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