• Life’s a Beach – And I’m Well Suited for It!

    Three pequeños hold up their homemade thank you signs

    Speedos, bikinis, trunks, and one-piece swim suits piled high! Examining the bulging boxes, Pat Buckley made a mental note to borrow more suitcases for her upcoming trip.

    Pat, a Duffy Group Vice President, and her husband, John, had plans to travel to the Dominican Republic with Friends of the Orphans, an organization where Pat volunteers her time on their National Board of Directors. Their mission is to improve the lives of orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged children throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. This is accomplished by supporting the work of the Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH, Spanish for “Our Little Brothers and Sisters”).

    Once her Duffy Group colleagues heard about Pat’s trip and the home’s need for swim suits, the donation drive kicked into high gear.

    “We asked the home for a wish list of items they needed and bathing suits were on the top of the list,” Pat Buckley said. Surrounded by sandy beaches with crystal blue waters, the beach is a fun, free source of entertainment for the children. Donations were also collected from the St. John Vianney Catholic Community in Sedona, which added extra funds to supply the home with underwear, flip flops, backpacks, notebooks, pencils, erasers, coloring supplies, craft supplies, housing needs, dental supplies, various Spanish children’s games and more swim suits.

    When the Buckleys traveled to the home in February, each of the 326 children received a bathing suit. The children were thrilled with the many choices and colors of suits to choose from. Pat shared that “seeing the children’s faces light up as they tried on their new suits and played at the water’s edge made my heart sing! Everyone who helped us obtain the wish list items should know that they made a difference in a child’s life.” The donations were plentiful and extra suits were left for the children.

    NPH has homes in nine countries. Pat has visited four of the locations numerous times since 2004. To learn more about Pat’s involvement with Friends of the Orphans, read: Duffy Leaders Reach Higher – In Every Way


    Duffy Group employees donate suits to orphans

    Duffy Group employees donate suits to orphans

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