• Races Are Run…And We All Win

    Kathleen Duffy with Tonsa Price-Edwards of Drive Time, and Eden Higgins moments after they crossed the finish line

    Duffy Group was proud to cheer Eden Higgins, Duffy Group Practice Leader and cancer survivor again on Oct. 9, 2011 at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is the global leader of the breast cancer movement. Eden, Tonsa Price-Edwards, a Duffy Group client and many others ran, walked, and sweated in support of Komen’s remarkable vision. Kathleen Duffy Ybarra, and volunteers from the National Charity League, greeted them at the finish line; Kathleen was one of many who manned the water station at the finish line.
    The Komen Foundation makes donations count. Eighty-four cents of every dollar donated goes directly to their mission. Since 1982 when Susan G. Komen for the Cure was founded, the five-year survival rate for breast cancer when caught early has risen from 74 percent to 98 percent. Tonsa is a current member of the Koman Board of Directors.

    Eden would like to share her story with you: At 41, and with no family history of breast cancer, Eden was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ and underwent her first lumpectomy just two weeks later. Lives were put on hold and journeys were diverted. Two minor surgeries followed, and then, with October’s Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons gently blowing in the breeze, a double mastectomy was performed in an all-out attempt to halt the cancer. The surgery was successful and Eden joined the millions of Breast Cancer survivors – a fighter…and a winner.

    Reconstructive surgery followed within a year and, as of now, Eden is completely cancer free. She devotes time to helping friends and other people cope with cancer diagnosis and treatment. She is making a difference in their lives through her hard-won experience and knowledge.

    “You try your best to not worry,” she says. “I gave everything up to God when I had cancer.” One evening she met the Bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix and shared her story with him. She told him “I gave it up to Jesus and Jesus does not like breast cancer!” The bishop chuckled. “Breast cancer made me rely and trust God fully.”

    Duffy Group salutes Eden Higgins, our client Tonsa Price-Edwards of DriveTime, and all the participants and breast cancer survivors who ran the race of their lives this year in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

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