• How Has Technology Transformed Recruiting?

    Advances in technology move at lightning speed. These advances affect all aspects of society, from how we communicate personally to how businesses operate, especially with how top talent is recruited. Traditional techniques have now been replaced with cutting-edge technology that have taken this process to the next level.

    Here are three technological advances that have transformed recruiting:

    #1. Big Data Breeds Transparency

    It stands to reason that more data points about prospective hires leads to more informed hiring decisions. And thanks to social media platforms and Big Data, employers now have a treasure trove of useful information about candidates. It also makes verifying qualifications and conducting background research so much easier during the hiring process.

    As a result of these changes, transparency has become increasingly more important. But this is a two-way street since applicants also have their own new sources of information. Job sites now can provide granular detail about organizational culture, pay, advancement and other key issues. Candidates can then research to see if your company is a good fit for their needs and talents.

    #2. A Faster Streamlined Process

    One of the challenges of recruiting is balancing the need to be diligent with the need to be fast. Today, this challenge is ever more acute, as technology has greatly streamlined the hiring process. What was once done on paper is now done entirely digitally. Moreover, tools such as video conferencing allow candidates to interview from any location and at any time.

    Organizations that compete for the very best workers no longer have the luxury of a drawn-out recruitment period. Instead, it is imperative to operate with urgency and to use the latest technology to make your hiring process more efficient and effective.

    #3. Effective Innovative Tactics

    The first step to securing the best workers is getting your message to them. Today’s businesses are using innovative new technologies to achieve this. For example, companies are using targeted display ads that generate job postings for potential candidates. Modern ad software programs use cookies and other data tracking applications to generate dynamic, tailored ads distributed across a variety of websites and platforms.

    By deploying this technology, organizations can effectively broadcast their message to targeted groups. Using display advertising is also an effective way to reach prospective hires who may not be in the market for a new job and are not in the typical target areas.

    The Bottom Line

    New technology has allowed businesses to recruit with greater speed, while also offering more data about potential hires. Organizations that can harness these new tools are best positioned to succeed.


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