• The Pitfalls of Do It Yourself Recruiting

    Platforms such as LinkedIn and new software tools have made do-it-yourself recruiting seem like a viable option under some circumstances. Opting for self-directed recruiting means you will have plenty of control over the process and may appear at face value to be the more economical approach.

    Unfortunately, things aren’t always as they seem. Many managers have attempted to go it alone only to find out that the process is much trickier than it first appears. When the best candidates aren’t biting, the consequences of settling for a subpar hire can quickly outweigh any financial savings gained by foregoing professional advice.

    Here are some of the pitfalls of DIY recruiting:

    Limited Resources

    By trying to recruit solo, you will not possess the same kind of access that a professional recruiter has. A world-class recruiter cultivates deep networks over the years and leverages those networks to help identify the best candidates for a position. Searching LinkedIn and making a few phone calls in your spare time will not be as effective. If you recruit on your own—and your competition uses a professional—you will be the one choosing from a limited pool of candidates.

    Ineffective Use of Time

    Recruiters can streamline the process and get highly qualified candidates in front of you quickly. A DIY approach means you will spend time sourcing candidates in addition to your normal business functions. This can lead to a drawn out process and could distract you from paying attention to other core, high-value tasks.

    Lack of Expertise

    Hiring the wrong candidates—or even just losing out on the best prospective hires—can have serious consequences in terms of competitive advantage. If rival firms are employing expert recruiters and you are muddling through the process with limited expertise, it is only a matter of time before you cede your competitors a powerful advantage.

    The Bottom Line

    Do-it-yourself recruiting is harder than it seems and often does not provide optimal results. If your search isn’t producing the desired results or progressing in timely manner, don’t settle for second-tier candidates. Contact us at Duffy Group, Inc. to help you with a strategic approach to targeting top talent.

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