• Top Trends in Solar Energy

    Solar energy has seen a boom in recent years. According to a recent study, the industry is experiencing annual growth, powering more U.S. homes than ever, and continuing to reduce carbon emissions at record rates.

    Here are some top trends in solar energy businesses should be aware of for 2017:

    #1. New Job Opportunities

    Research firm IHS predicts that in the next few years, growth in solar energy will remain strong, as the U.S. solar power market continues to reach historic levels. In 2016, for the first time ever, more solar power plants came online than natural gas power plants (the largest source of electricity in the U.S.).

    This projected growth will provide numerous business opportunities with firms seeking top talent in the field. Recruiters will be tasked with filling positions created by market expansion. As a result, the industry will see an increase in people wanting to enter the field.

    #2. Growing Grid Parity Spurs Competitive Prices

    Currently, 20 U.S. states have achieved grid parity, which is when an alternative energy source generates power at a cost less or equal to buying power from the electrical grid. By 2020, 42 out of 50 states are projected to achieve this.

    As more states attain parity, solar energy will be priced more competitively, and as a result, more attractive to consumers. This will likely increase market demand for solar energy equipment and infrastructure, and spur employment growth in this area.

    #3. Increasing Global Momentum

    The United States isn’t the only region where solar energy is booming. Latin America is experiencing its own solar surge as more local governments adopt policies aimed at increasing solar energy production. The European Union also continues to see solar energy assume a larger share of its overall electricity production, thanks in part to nations like Germany who want to focus on solar.

    Recruiters should be aware of this global push for greater solar energy use. As solar capacity grows, the need for qualified personnel will rise in tandem. Likewise, as solar energy earns a larger share of the overall electricity consumption, labor needs in traditional energy sectors may start to contract.

    The Takeaway

    Recently, growth in the solar energy industry has been remarkable, changing the landscape of the field. Expect continued growth nationally and globally with vast job opportunities that will benefit businesses, employees and the environment.

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