• What’s Driving Healthcare Recruiting Firms Today

    Recruiting in the medical realm is filled with a variety of challenges. To win the talent battle, healthcare executive recruiters need to quickly adapt and think outside of the box.

    Recognizing and Addressing the Four Main Issues in Healthcare Executive Recruitment

    Here’s a look at the top recruiting challenges healthcare systems face today, along with fresh approaches for overcoming them.

    1. The Differences Between Nonprofit and For-Profit Healthcare Executive Search

    When recruiting for healthcare companies, it’s important to acknowledge the difference between nonprofit and for-profit organizations. These differences make a candidate’s motivation extremely important. What inspires someone who may or may not be actively looking for a new job to pursue this one? Are they service-driven or business-driven?

    Nonprofit status means the organization is very mission-focused and community-oriented. Additionally, nonprofit health systems often have leaner operating models and longer planning timelines compared to for-profit health systems.

    For-profit healthcare organizations serve their communities like nonprofits, but they also take direction from investors. Like nonprofits, these healthcare organizations must contend with demanding government regulations from HIPAA privacy laws to complicated reimbursement procedures.

    If a candidate’s motivation aligns with an organization’s mission and they are passionate about delivering health services to those in need, a nonprofit healthcare organization might be a good fit. If a candidate is motivated by business and thrives in an environment with streamlined processes and operating efficiency, they may be a better for-profit candidate.

    2. The Integrated Healthcare Evolution

    When hiring for different specialties under one roof, it’s critical for healthcare recruitment agencies to find skilled candidates who can successfully collaborate with other healthcare professionals within the practice. This is due to the fact that, more and more, healthcare systems are turning to integrated health for patient care. In this model, there’s little room for mavericks who insist on working alone.

    Using our recruitment research model, our healthcare executive recruiters gather information about our client’s company, job and culture. We dig deep to fully understand what it’s like to be part of the organization as an employee. Additionally, we assess how the right individual will achieve the company’s goals and connect with the special and unique aspects of the organization. You can find a partial list of our clients here.

    3. Recruiting for Chief Information Officers

    Integrated Health Systems are not the only type of healthcare model that requires effective communication and collaboration. In any healthcare organization, an IT team’s work affects the quality of patient care tremendously. With technology constantly evolving, an experienced, skilled and team-driven Chief Information Officer is non-negotiable.

    To find seasoned leaders with the advanced technical experience required for the job, hiring a healthcare recruitment agency like Duffy Group is critical. Our experienced recruiters start by revisiting the key skills and qualifications that are unique to the opportunity. They then use these qualifications to devise interview questions and create detailed technical criteria to qualify promising candidates.

    4. Recruiting for Clinical Leadership Positions

    With lives on the line, healthcare executive search firms play an essential role in hiring the right candidate for any clinical leadership position. Healthcare leaders have the seemingly impossible task of managing teams and facilities in a short-staffed, high-stakes industry. To identify candidates who will make lasting contributions to a client’s organization, our team looks for leaders who inspire passion, champion quality and have the experience to guide the organization through tough times.

    How Duffy Healthcare Executive Recruitment Research Works

    Following our recruitment research model developed by the group’s founder Kathleen Duffy, our recruiters begin looking for the perfect leader by strategizing about the healthcare system’s ideal candidate. They then break down, explore and specifically list the key traits of the ideal candidate.

    Next, they conduct detailed intake sessions to assess the organization’s culture, personality, projects and strategic plan. This results in a definitive, clear profile of the ideal candidate.

    With this detailed information, our team is able to confidently identify individuals who have the ability to partner with a company’s executive team and execute their vision.

    If you are looking for healthcare executive search firms, Duffy Group is the answer. Our recruitment research approach will supply appropriate candidates, while also reducing the cost of effective recruitment for your key positions. Call or contact us online for more information about how we can help your healthcare business succeed.

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