• As Partners in Nonprofit Recruiting and Healthcare Recruiting, we celebrate Thanksgiving 2020

    Healthcare Recruiting

    Thanksgiving is always an opportune time to reflect on the outgoing year, to take stock, and, of course, to give thanks for blessings large and small. To say that 2020 has had its challenges is a gross understatement, but our ability to remain positive, and acknowledge goodness has incredible health benefits. We are grateful to be the Healthcare Recruiting partners of choice for many who provide health services in this critical time.

    An attitude of gratitude is shown to improve sleep quality, decrease blood pressure, increase energy levels, reduce stress, and relieve symptoms of depression. It’s hard not to pay that kind of attitude forward in interactions with others, so it has a ripple effect of positivity. At Duffy Group, we recounted some of our favorite Thanksgiving memories, traditions – those things for which we are grateful.

    We are all warmed by memories of food, football, and family fun. The football both on tv and on the field made for great camaraderie and competition that never got out of hand… Some favorite foods include some of the strangest that we grew up with like Beth’s turnips and Hayley’s Norwegian delicacies like lufsza and ludefisk. The more traditional turkey, sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce receive an extra zing in Kristin’s household with a little jalapeno and grand marnier.

    It’s always fun to remember the mishaps too – Tim’s grandfather set the grass on fire when attempting to fry a turkey. Javelinas ate the Duffy/Ybarra’s turkey and Mary Beth’s family schnauzer ate theirs when left out to thaw in colder climates. Jackie’s mom joined her many daughters in a family fashion show as she tried on her daughter’s wedding dress. Unfortunately, she also attempted to remove the turkey from the oven, dropping the turkey on the wedding dress. Shannan and Eden remember rushing to the 2nd Thanksgiving celebration of the day and being pulled over by a policeman whose heart melted when then 3-year old Shannan asked the officer his name. Thankfully, they were let go with a warning.

    It has been said that volunteerism and giving back to the community and beyond is wonderful for our mental health, a win-win situation for both the donor of time and talent and the recipient! Melissa’s family always had extra faces around the table because her mom would invite anyone without a place to go to join the fun. She saw one picture of a past Thanksgiving and didn’t recognize half the faces!

    Duffy Group Inc. is honored to serve the nonprofit world as Nonprofit Recruiters. Recruiting in the environmental realm, health and wellness, social services, and with faith-based organizations, our nonprofit recruiting team plays a small part in giving back to the community. The Duffy Team recently participated in Fit for Wishes, raising funds to grant wishes for Make A Wish. In 2020, Duffy Group employees have paid it forward to over 30 organizations.

    We all have our own quirks that make family time fun, memorable, and sometimes stressful. As the holidays are upon us remember to breathe deeply, get enough exercise, and celebrate that which makes us unique.

    Not only do we celebrate the Nonprofit and Healthcare organizations, but we appreciate all of our clients and are proud to be their recruiting partners. Thank you for trusting us with your recruiting needs, especially by continuing to bring us your repeat business and referrals. Happy Thanksgiving!





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